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VyraNews #8: Taking Climate Action, Beyond Ticking the CSRD Box

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Jack Dwyer, Vyra CEO

Feb 8, 2024

Happy Thursday 🌱

In the world of corporate sustainability, the buzz around the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is louder than ever.

But let's remember;

Compliance is just the starting line, not the finish.

A recent chat with a sustainability expert from a Vyra client in the energy sector sheds light on how climate action results from cultural engineering.

Like many companies in their space, they have ambitious climate action plans and compliance requirements aligned with EU targets.

Their growing portfolio is impressive:

Expansive infrastructure projects spanning offshore and onshore windInnovative ventures into battery storage, solar, and hydrogen technologies

But it's not just about the big projects.

With over 820,000 customers and a dedicated team of more than 1,200 workers, they're trying to embed sustainability into the fabric of their operations.

So, what is the secret sauce?

1. Culture. Sustainable product innovation and climate action are core pillars, followed by ticking the boxes for the CSRD. Not the other way around.

2. Learning. Ensuring that everyone at the organisation has opportunities to participate in this journey actively.

Why this matters for decarbonisation -

This company’s approach underscores a vital message: 

Sustainability is a collective endeavour.

This is essential to reducing CO2 emissions, a culture of responsibility and innovation that enables employees to lead on carbon and cost-saving initiatives.

Here's why every business should take note:

Employee engagement: Educated employees are empowered employees. They're the ones driving your sustainability initiatives forward.Beyond compliance: Meeting CSRD reporting requirements is crucial, but real change happens when businesses begin to embed sustainability into their core operations.Industry impact: Businesses have the power to influence their competitors massively; this is basic, age-old economic competition at its best. Green competition is good competition.

Final note

Let's not just aim to comply with the CSRD; let's strive to lead, innovate, and inspire in creating long-lasting companies. Be proactive in the market, not reactive.

What’s next?

February Webinar: How to Accelerate Board-level Buy-in to Sustainability Strategy w/ Special Guest.

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