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Luxury Yacht Charter

Vyra’s private luxury yacht charter services will provide you with a holiday you won’t forget. Traverse across the Mediterranean Sea and soak up the sun, sea and fresh air for a relaxing yacht charter experience like no other. We host a Luxury Mediterranean yacht charter that will provide you with all the refreshments and added features, taking all the legwork out of your holiday time. Sit back, relax and enjoy our luxury yacht charter ride - we’ll pamper you with an all-inclusive package deal, including fine dining, personal assistance and care. This includes all the bonus features of water toys and spas to ensure we meet all your needs and that you remain relaxed and taken care of. What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy on-the-deck activities such as games, socials and fancy events, all aimed to entertain you and provide a wholehearted, satiating experience. So much so, you won’t want to leave our services - it’ll be like a home away from home. We’ll ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible for the duration of your stay. Take a peruse of some of Vyra’s great luxury Mediterranean yacht charters below and sign up for a holiday yacht experience like no other.

Sailing Holidays

Experience the thrill of luxury sailing holidays with Vyra today for a getaway like no other. With clear water, warm winds, and endless hours of relaxation of offer, this is a sailing vacation you will not want to pass up. Our yacht charter and sailing holidays will give you the freedom to explore the vast sea and relish in the adventure and fun. From island-hopping to snorkelling and exploring the depths of the deep blue Mediterranean sea, you’ll have the freedom to experience the full beauty of your natural surroundings. Drink in the sun and sea as our sailing ventures carry you away to a calmer and more serene place. So, whether it’s on your own or with a professional crew of sailors, our sailing holidays Mediterranean experience will surpass even your wildest dreams. At Vyra, we’ll guarantee a relaxing and entertaining sailing holiday, with all the added perks of exploration, fun activities and much more. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the sunset over the sea, cocktail in hand. With all this on offer, why not sign up for our of our amazing luxury sailing holidays and personalize your escape to a world of adventure?

Sailing yacht charter

Vyra’s sweeping range of yacht charter holidays will reel you into a relaxing and magical voyage to a stunning range of Mediterranean islands. Our services involve arrangements for a guide to take the helms for a care-free skippered experience. All you have to do is sit back, relax and feel inspired by the scenery and climate on view. And if that wasn’t enough to bring you into the fold, why not turn from tourist to traveller and explore one of many villages? Friendly locals will welcome you with open arms and offer great native foods and hospitality. You’ll be able to experience local customs and dive into a world of intrigue and cultural exploration. Whether you’re experienced or a first-timer, our sailing yacht charter holidays will ensure you’re well taken care of, and that there are plenty of opportunities for you to wander into the adventures of the sea and distant islands.

Bareboat yacht charter

For those of our customers with the experience to navigate the waters, we’ve got a range of stunning bareboat sailing holidays on offer for you to peruse. Be inspired by the scenery, view and climate and explore the picturesque Mediterranean islands - be your own guide and let your imagination wander. Immerse yourself into the local cuisine and added refreshments easily accessible on Vyra’s bareboat yacht charter. Our bareboat sailing holidays will ensure that you have all the means to go on your own adventure and traverse the seas to your hearts content. Pursue a new destination, bay or village every day and allow yourself to be pulled into the world of intrigue and exploration. With Vyra, you’ll be able to delve into local cultures and turn from tourist to traveller within days. So why not sign up to one of our brilliant bareboat yacht charter holidays and kick-start your own Mediterranean adventure?

Motor Yacht Charter

Personalise your escape with Vyra’s motor yacht charter holidays to kick-start your own voyage of discovery today. Cruise at your own pace, and choose your own destination and journey for a holiday experience like no other. The opportunities to stumble upon stunning islands are endless, with plenty of great holiday destinations to explore and cover all day, every day. Whether it’s Santorini or Mallorca, set off to a different island every day, and dive into local cuisine, culture and hospitality. Become immersed in the perfect, sunny climate, and stunning sea experience by soaking up the sun on all decks. Or alternatively, lose yourself in snorkelling, reading up on local culture, or dining on delicious eats. There’s always another bay, another island, another part of the sea to explore - there are no time constraints at all, so forget about the outside world and dive into our motor yacht charter holidays with both feet.

Luxury Catamaran Charter

For a tailored family getaway like no other, nothing fits the bill better than Vyra’s luxury catamaran charter holidays. Our spacious decks, endless dining options, lavish activities and countless opportunities to explore the natural scenery means that you and your family will be able to experience your vacation to the fullest with no boundaries or restrictions. Space, privacy, luxury and all-inclusive is what we’ll embed your stay with, none more so evident in our added options of sailing and motor yachting. Make the most of this holiday and cruise the Mediterranean waters to your heart's content, becoming one with the water and stunning islands on offer. There are plenty of intriguing bays to explore, and beautiful beaches. So, with experienced crews, many different water activities on offer and tailored and personalised services, you and your family will be able to unwind and make the most of our luxury catamaran charter holidays.

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