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- The Planet cannot wait
Why Now?
Increasing Pressure
Investors, employees, suppliers and customers are demanding real climate action.
Just 7% of companies have achieved their annual carbon emissions reduction targets and the clock is not slowing down.
Green Regulations
Whether it is the EU CSRD or the US Inflation Reduction Act, getting training right is more serious now than ever before.
Meet Vyra
A purpose-built sustainability training platform and ESG training library that enables organisations to rapidly up-skill their employees and deliver on the training requirements of modern sustainability reporting faster than before.

Sustainability Excellence with Vyra™

  • 20+ hours of training content
  • Professionally certified
  • 30+ learning certifications
  • 15+ sectors
  • 100+ employee surveys

Sustainability Excellence™ is a deep library of ESG training courses focused on helping you solve for 5 key challenges:

  • Elevating the sustainability of your products and services
  • Reducing organisational CO2 emissions
  • Operationalizing sustainability 
  • Training employees in the right areas
  • Enhancing reporting and regulatory compliance to the CSRD and SECR
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Join industry leaders and pioneer sustainability excellence in your sector.

Learning Platform
Vyra eco-lms looks and feels like a contemporary learning system, but it has a secret, it's powered by the environmental data that's needed to reduce carbon emissions.
Training Modules
  • Access Vyra’s bite-sized training and literacy modules that cover the full sustainability value-chain.
  • Train employees online without removing them from their most important work.
  • Meet all of your training requirements for your organisation’s reporting.
Customer Stories
Despite being time poor with our busy schedule of events, the Vyra platform enabled us to deliver quality, bite sized chunks of sustainability training to all our staff. Jack and the team were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to learning more about sustainability with them in the future
Aidan Byrne
Sustainability and Facilities Manager
“Vyra enables us to integrate our corporate sustainability training into the working day of each and every one of our employees without removing them from their most important work.”
Annabel Fitzgerald
ESG and Corporate Communications Manager
“Before working with Vyra, I was under pressure to deliver sustainability education and training for ESW employees. Vyra's platform and expert-led content enables me to rapidly train a dispersed workforce and gather insight into an important part of our environmental impact in accessible, bite-sized course.”
Daniel Blanchfield
Sustainability Officer
What the employees are saying
Áine Higgins

Head, ESG and Sustainability

Áine Higgins

NTR had the pleasure of working with the Vyra Team. The training was engaging, beautifully presented, and prompted participants to consider what they could do to help the biodiversity challenge.  The structure of the training made it easy for all to fit into busy schedules.

Jun 2023
David Terceño

ESG & Corporate Communications

David Terceño

Working with Vyra has allowed us to develop high quality biodiversity and sustainability modules that are not only informative but also engaging and easy to complete, allowing our employee to
keep their focus in all their essential work.

Jun 2023
Nay Pereira

Sustainability Co-ordinator

Nay Pereira

Vyra is an amazing tool that makes sustainability part of our everyday life, combining practical challenges and a great interface with trustworthy information on a wide variety of ESG topics. It really helps us to inspire and empower our team!

Sean O’Connell

Event Operations Executive

Sean O’Connell

“At the beginning of our sustainability journey, we were looking for assistance in helping us to educate our staff on the various topics in this space.
We found Vyra’s online platform and content the perfect tool to achieve this.”

Jun 2023
Deirdre Neff


Deirdre Neff

“Vyra is a great tool to inform how we contribute to Climate Change and what we can do to reduce our Carbon footprint. How do I sign my parents up!?”

Jun 2023
Mark Legge

Logistics Director/

Mark Legge

“Vyra is fuelling the sustainability conversation at & Open.”

Jun 2023
Paula O’Rourke

Climate Action Team Leader

Paula O’Rourke

Vyra give an interactive approach to anyone who ever wondered how to reduce your carbon footprint but didn’t know where to start!

Jun 2023
Aaron Doran

L&D Partner

Aaron Doran

“There was a buzz for the participants. We all competed with one another to be more sustainable.

I could not recommend this programme enough.”

Jun 2023
Hannah Cauchi

Operations Manager

Hannah Cauchi

“The team feed feature helps Wayflyer understand what aspects of biodiversity are most important to employees
and what steps we can take to improve biodiversity in the workplace. The output
from this will fuel future green initiatives at Wayflyer.”

Jun 2023
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