What is Vyra?

Vyra is a learning platform and learning content library to enable companies to achieve their sustainability training goals.

What type of organisations is Vyra suitable for?

Vyra is for organisations that report on sustainability and for organisations that are simply looking to start their sustainability journey.

Who are the main users of Vyra?

Employees – the people within your organisation who are required to complete sustainability training 


Suppliers – the key stakeholders in your supply chain that need to reach your standards for training and engagement


Customers – the biggest supporters of your organisation that need to see authentic sustainability

What is the main pain point being solved by Vyra?

If you are trying to advance sustainability training and engagement but are drowning in reports, materiality assessments, strategy and meetings with senior leadership then you will understand this pain.


There isn’t enough time, budget and people internally to deliver sustainability training that meets today’s standards or reporting demands. 


Vyra is your end-to-end partner for contemporary sustainability training.

What is the main benefit of Vyra?

Vyra enables organisations to achieve better scores for training in sustainability reporting assessments like Ecovadis, CDP, GRI and additional frameworks such as Great Places to Work.

Is Vyra configurable/customisable?

Yes, through the Eco-Scaler plan, organisations can add in unique learning content and their own unique branding to the platform.

Can you work with Vyra anywhere?

Vyra works with companies from the US to the UK, the EU and right down to AUS. If you are outside of these regions, please reach out as we would love to see how we can support you.