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VyraNews #5: 3 Proven ESG Training Strategies for 2024

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24 Nov 2023

Dear Reader,

Has your organisation completed Sustainability/ESG training in 2023?

In this newsletter, we provide three proven ESG training & engagement strategies for 2024, all of which have enabled Vyra’s clients to reduce carbon emissions and up-skill their employees.

This week, we conducted a webinar on this topic; thanks for coming, everybody. If you missed it, we hope to see you at the next one.

Here is a recording of our webinar on this topic; if you attended or want the materials and templates, keep scrolling.

  1. The Vyra Energy Saving Competition Template - this exercise has been proven to save organisations up to 10% on energy costs. 

    Click here to access the free resource ; complete the survey and receive the data room of tools to complete the exercise: An instructional guide, an excel progress tracker and comms templates.

  2. The Vyra Biodiversity Engagement Strategy: click here for our step-by-step guide to tree-planting for your organisation.

  3. The State of ESG Training 2024: Where should your ESG training journey begin? Look no further as Vyra recaps on a vast array of service providers in the market for your organisation.

Click here to download case study and list of service providers

What’s next with Vyra?

Vyra’s Sustainability Excellence 2024 Training Brochure Launch - next week.

Want your organisation to train with Vyra?

Book a free training needs assessment session with Vyra CEO, Jack Dwyer.

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