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VyraNews #3: Steps for Organisations to Address Global Plastic Pollution

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3 Oct 2023

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Did you know that 55% of global plastic waste is produced by 20 companies?

We know. Woah!

Plastic waste is one of the most prominent signals of climate change that we see every day as consumers. As we walk in cities today, items like disposable vapes can seem as synonymous as cracks in the pavement.

Unless you work for an organisation that directly uses plastic in its products and services, then you most likely find yourself head-scratching at the idea of how your organisation can impact plastic waste reduction.

We decided to explore this further. We approached an international leader to uncover how global policy is shifting to reduce future plastic waste and learn what actions organisations can implement to directly and indirectly impact the reduction of global plastic waste.

So, what policy changes are coming and what actions can be taken?Find out in this interview with Valerie Hickey, Global Director for Environment, Natural Resources and the Blue Economy for the World Bank.

Listen or watch this 50 minute podcast 

Additional Resources ⚙️

  1. United Nations roadmap to reduce plastic (document)

  2. Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution (INC) (session recordings)

  3. 2023 SDG Global Atlas (public trello board)

  4. Intersectionality Sustainability (short overview)

  5. Understanding Biodiversity Offsets (blog section)

  6. Guide to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPRs) (OECD guide)

Want to learn more about Valerie and the World Bank?

here are some of Valerie’s blogs, click to access.

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