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A Luxury Boat Hire Mediterranean Service Like No Other

Vyra ensures you get to experience the best boat hire Mediterranean services throughout the duration of your vacation with us.

Our staff attend to every detail and provide you with an all-exclusive journey unlike any other.

And with spacious cabins on offer for you to make yourself at home in, this will be either the perfect getaway to make with friends, or an amazing holiday the family will remember for the rest of their lives.

Whether it’s a luxury boat hire or simply a weekend fancy, we’ll ensure you have the best services to kick-start your own adventure at the sea and become lost in the wonderful surroundings.

We’ve got the Lagoon catamarans, Sun Odyssey, Bavaria Cruiser - just a few of the amazing brands on offer for you to take us up on.

The freedom to explore new waters, villages, islands and bays is all in the palm of your hand.

From the Mediterranean sea to the quiet waters of Greece and Italy, and back around to Croatia, the opportunity to sit back and relax, sunset cocktail in hand, and allow yourself to be pampered on a luxury motorboat hire service is only ever a click away.


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Enjoy relaxing Weekend Boat Rental Cruises

Let the stresses of the week float away with our weekend boat hire cruises.

Put your feet up, enjoy a cocktail, and watch those Sunday evening blues disappear with the sinking sun while our staff attend your every need and demand.

Whether it’s lavish onboard dining options or fun water activities our relaxing weekend boat hire cruises will allow you to become immersed in the full rental experience without any complications or problems.

And if that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, we’ve got a range of stunning destinations for you to delve into and kick-start your own boat hire adventure today.

From the sun-kissed beaches of Greece making for a relaxing boat hire vacation spot to the dalmatian coasts of Croatia that are perfect to cruise around, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

And why not enjoy the view of stunning Turkish coasts, littered with turquoise colours and swirls? You’ll be able to unwind in front of the setting sun and sink into your boat rental chair.

Italy, France and Spain are some of our other destinations, offering ethereal coasts, breathtaking natural views and scenery, and mysterious landscapes for you to get lost in and wander around in.

Alongside all these immersive destinations, the Mediterranean sea - the shining jewel of the world’s waters - is the favoured spot of many to cruise around and dive into a luxury weekend boat hire ride.

So whether it’s Turkey, Greece or Spain, there’ll be a destination for you to fall in love with when you join us at Vyra.

Feeling Adventurous? Why Not Try Our Sailing Boat Hire Up For Size?

Want a more personalised getaway? Vyra does a fantastic range of self-drive boat rides that could be your ticket to an escape like no other.

Hire a boat and become inspired by the surrounding scenery and climate, diving into local islands at your own pace - there is no timetable to adhere to, but your own.

Every single day is an opportunity to peruse a different destination, explore a different bay, trek upon a different beach.

Take your time, completely delve into the mysterious natural landscape, and lose yourself in a world of beauty and make-believe.

Why not be your own guide, let your imagination wander, and kick-start your own self-drive boat adventure today?

Be it with friends or family, this is the perfect opportunity to surrender your senses to the natural world and personalise your holiday down to every detail.

We’re offering a 5% discount for those of you who book instantly so make sure you get your hands on this wonderful sailing boat hire offer.

And with plenty of great discounts on hand, this could be the perfect rental for you to immerse yourself into.

Great Motorboat Hire Services Only Ever A Click Away

With Vyra, you’re guaranteed great motorboat rental services from the push of a button.

Give yourself the perfect cruise away from the shores and dive into the deep blue Mediterranean seas for the chance to embark on an adventure like no other.

Our affordable rental prices mean that you’re only a ticket away from confirming you place on a sailing holiday that you won’t forget quickly.

You could explore the waters to your heart's content, stumble upon stunning islands like nothing you’ve ever seen before, where locals will welcome you with open arms and hearts.

Clue up on local cuisine and culture, with the chance to turn from tourist to traveller and wanderer in an instance - who knows where you’ll end up when you hire a boat with us?

What’s more, our motor boat hire services will ensure that you’re well pampered and stocked for the thrilling journey ahead.

Want a drink to pair your evening tan? We’ve got the perfect Chardonnay for you. Need a book to while away the time? Our staff at Vyra will provide you with all the personal touches to add an extra dimension to your motorboat hire service.

So, whether it’s the Turkish coast or the quiet waters of Italy, you’ll definitely want to take us up on our motor boat hire offers for the chance to dive into a vacation like no other.

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