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Why September is a great month for sailing holidays

Although summer is the season of big trips to the Mediterranean South, savvy sailors plan their sailing holidays for September and there are good reasons for this! September is the ending of the peak holiday season in the Mediterranean, yet considered as the fourth month of summer, making the perfect conditions for a relaxing and affordable sailing holiday.
Let's see why September is a great month for sailing holidays:

Ideal Weather Conditions

The weather is mild and warm but not as hot as the previous months, the sea is surprisingly warmer and the winds that fill your sails promise more time sailing than using the engine, ensuring a delightful and peaceful sailing experience.

Calm your FOMO*, September is no off-season!

Sailing in September doesn't mean that you will miss all those wonderful things that make the Mediterranean south one of the favourite sailing destinations of all-time! Restaurants, museums and attractions are still open and there is so much more plenty of choice of where to dine and what to do!

Fewer Crowds

In September, all services (restaurants, laundry, cafes ) at the seaside destinations are less crowded and more attentive, upgrading your experience with no extra costs! In addition, the marinas are much easier to access without worrying about planning your overnight berthing and sightseeing becomes more comfortable and easier to explore at your own pace.

Save your hard earned pennies!

You work hard. You deserve your slice of island paradise while sailing the Mediterranean without breaking the bank! The cost of yacht chartering in September is dramatically reduced, making a sailing holiday a dream come true! In addition, as there are way more yacht availabilities, the possibilities to charter your dream yacht at the best possible price are highly increased.

Do you feel that sailing in September might be the ideal choice for you? Check out our September offers and charter your sailing holidays with Vyra.com!

*Fear Of Missing Out

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