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Why choose sailing holidays with family

Families with young children will delight! Creative, fun, engaging, adventurous, family bonding, learning, relaxing, peaceful: Everything a family seeks on their holiday, blend together to create the most memorable and comfortable vacations beyond their dreams and expectations. Forget about the myth that sailing holidays are not convenient for families and let’s find out why family sailing holidays or yachting holidays are the perfect choice for children and parents alike:

  • Convenience in transportation: It is conveniently easy to override crowded cities and airports, by booking a yacht at your starting point and fly directly to your desired location comfortably, reducing the time to the beginning of your dreamy holidays.
  • You can skip the crowded tourist spots and customize a child-friendly itinerary, including peaceful fishing villages and idyllic beaches accessible only by boat. 
  • Even if you are all first-timers on a boat, you can book skippered yacht charter holidays, including the services of an experienced skipper, offering the best of safety and confidence on board. Additionally, you can hire a capable hostess to cater to your everyday needs. Just keep in mind that the skipper and hostess will sleep on the boat too, so you will need to charter a boat large enough to provide a cabin for the crew.
  • Children learn to be responsible, tidy and clean even on their holidays, as the spaces on the boat are not infinite and tidiness affects the entire boat, both inside and out.

  • Dress code: Hats, eye-patches and striped shirts! Let your children’s imagination and creativity explode in a completely new way as experiencing life on a boat, invent new games and learn everything about boat living.
  • Plenty of time to spend on activities that will tighten the bonds as a family, including fishing, watersports, exploring new surroundings every day, teamwork for the sailing needs and much more. And with sleeping children, romance awakes under the starlit sky.

  • A wealth of choice for your daily activities: Spend the day at a remote beach and pretend the castaways or treasure seekers. Enjoy snorkelling and let your children experience the fascinating underwater cosmos. Moor your boat on an island, try the local cuisine at a tavern or soak up the lifestyle with a relaxing drink at sunset in the cockpit of your sailing boat.

  • Last but not least: Sailing vacations don’t cost more than a hotel while offering flexibility and freedom of choice than staying every day in the same place. Here you can see all the reasons why sailing holidays are better than staying in a hotel.

    Now that you have an enlightening view about sailing holidays with family, what are you waiting for, take advantage of our Family Getaway Offers and charter a yacht for your next dreamy vacations now!

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