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Why choose sailing holidays in Greece

Endless golden shores with brilliant turquoise waters, mild, warm weather, diverse landscapes among hundreds of islands of all shapes and sizes, suggesting cosmopolitan lifestyle or peaceful easy living on spectacular sun drenched towns, villages and coasts: Greece is an ideal sailing destination for all kinds of travelers. 

Undeniably some of the most beautiful islands in the world, the Greek islands have something for everyone and embarking on yacht charter holidays is the perfect way to explore them!

Sailing the Greek Islands

The Cyclades islands cluster, a renowned destination for its traditional colour blending with high-class facilities, crazy nightlife and stunning seaside, inspires travelers for amazing island hopping, calling for unique experiences at every stop.

Sailing the Ionian Islands, one can witness the unprecedented beauty of some of the best beaches in the world, such as Myrtos beach in Kefalonia and the Shipwreck beach in Zante. Lush mountains that collide spectacularly with the sea, creating fabulous crystalline coasts, are a summoning to another world, dominated by natural wealth. 

Crete, the largest among the Greek Islands and the southern edge of Europe, is a blessed place nestling at the threshold between worlds: A typical Mediterranean scenery at the north, a fascinating exotic panorama at the south, blended with rich tradition and historic heritage of more that 3000 years. 

The winds blowing in Greece are consistently favourable for 6 to 7 months’ period a year, offering ideal sailing conditions from April to October. Maistro, the wind that blows in the Ionian Sea and Meltemi, the Aegean wind, are both steady sailing winds, preferred by leisure sailors. 

While on sailing holidays in Greece, one can enjoy an ideal balance of relaxing in the sun, culture visits, stimulating activities-such as snorkeling, sea diving or hiking- and digging into delicious local seafood and wine. 
In a few words, 
sailing in Greece offers all the pleasures anyone could seek in their summer holidays.

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