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Why are Catamaran vacations getting even most popular

Talking about cats with common people, the discussion is about cute little furry creatures, that feel uncomfortable in the water. Talking about cats with sailors, the discussion goes straight to sleek, stylish multihulls, a floating dreamhome in the water.  And the conversation about this kind of “cats” is growing over the years.
It is a fact that Catamarans are getting even more popular and are winners in the comparison Catamarans vs traditional sailing yachts for sailing holidays. Let’s find out why:

Vast living spaces and privacy
While on catamaran sailing holidays with family or friends, it is very important to feel comfortable, where everyone can find their own, individual space and not be on top of each other.
With spacious, well-designed interiors, comfort dominates common spaces while Catamaran yachts offer the highest level of privacy, as the sleeping accommodations and showers are totally separate, located in each hull and in opposite corners.

Catamaran sailing is 25-30% faster than monohulls of the same length. Their speed almost reaches near racing monohull speeds, even when carrying all those comforts that come with a cat. However, keep in mind that their performance will suffer more when loaded for sailing holidays than on a comparable monohull.

Smooth sailing/stability
Whether at anchor or underway, a Catamaran is always much more stable than a monohull. Especially on family sailing holidays, with kids running on board, elder people or first-time sailors that could easily suffer from seasickness, stability is a good factor to enhance the fun and make it a memorable holiday experience, instead of memories of being seasick!

Although flipping over has happened in very rare heavy-weather situations when any kind of vessel would be in distress, it takes very high winds, too much sail, and large breaking waves to flip a Catamaran sailing yacht. Even experienced sailors consider it reassuring to know that their cat will remain on the surface, as a big raft.

Leisure sailors, you are invited to discover the safest, smoothest, even luxurious vessel for sailing holidays. Charter a catamaran and embark on your dreamiest holiday, beyond expectation!

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