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When is the best time to sail in Greece and Turkey

Poseidon, the ancient Greek God of the Sea, who dominates the winds and waves, could not have been more generous with his motherland. As Greece is surrounded by the sea from almost all sides, the sea in Greece and the Turkish Coasts calls for exquisite sailing vacations in any season but winter. Let’s explore thoroughly when is the best time to sail in Greece and Turkey, according to the seasons and the weather conditions.

From Spring to Autumn
Renowned for its wonderful Mediterranean weather with lovely, warming springs and long, bright summers, the sea surrounding in Greece offers excellent sailing conditions from April to late October. During this period, all services and amenities (taverns, tourist shops, museums) are open for the holiday season, which reaches its peak from July to late August. If you wish to skip the vast crowds of summer, Spring or early Autumn is still excellent timing to visit Greece and the Turkish coasts.

Spring creates a magnificent scenery marking the regeneration of the Earth all around Greece and Turkey, with blooming fields, lush slopes and rich vegetation in vibrant colours, refreshing ones’ view from the gloomy atmosphere of the past winter months. The weather starts to be pleasantly warm in April, yet May is more suitable for swimming. At that time, one can take advantage of the Easter and Early Season Offers and enjoy sailing vacations in Greece and Turkey on a budget.

Autumn is always a great time to sail in Greece and Turkey, as September and October are considered the last months of summer in the eastern Mediterranean. The weather is mild and warm but not hot, the sea is surprisingly warm and balmier than the air, the colours of nature are earthy and subtler, while all services offered at the seaside destinations tend to be more attentive as they are less crowded. Don’t miss the opportunity to plan your late escape on a budget, searching the Late Season Deals.

Sailing Conditions – The winds in Greece and Turkey
Whether you are on a bareboat yacht charter or a skippered yacht charter holiday, sailing conditions are consistently favourable for 6 to 7 months’ period a year.
During this period in the Ionian Sea, the winds get rough extremely rarely, yet no Meltemi winds blow here. The Maistro wind that blows in the Ionian is a steady reliable wind, making sailing in the Ionian Islands ideal for all kinds of sailors. This pleasant north-west wind rises in the afternoon and usually dies at sunset, while during early and late season the Maistro winds occur less often.

On the East side and the Aegean Sea, including the Turkish coasts, the weather is generally thought to be dry with clear skies. However, during the summer season (June to September) the Meltemi winds (Etesians) occur, which are strong dry north winds that come up in clear weather, reach their peak in the afternoon and often die down at night. Most of the times, the Meltemi winds are good, steady sailing winds preferred by the leisure sailors in the Aegean Sea. However, they need attention, as sometimes they create steep waves that can be dangerous for yachts smaller than 10 meters.

After all, the sun shines for more than 3000 hours a year in the eastern Mediterranean. Choose any season that suits your taste and book your exquisite sailing holidays in Greece and Turkey.

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