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What's trending for sailing holidays in 2018

Where travel experts say you should travel in 2018

So, Christmas carols have been sung, presents unboxed and holiday cakes eaten. Now, it’s time to start planning where you'll get your hit of summer sunshine, breath in the breeze and enjoy sea dips in crystal waters. Read about What's trending for sailing holidays in 2018, as recommended by prestigious travel editors. The common trend is to explore already well-known destinations such as Italy, Spain, Greece or Croatia from a different side. 

Southern Italy

Conde Nast travel editors advise you should skip Rome and overcrowded cities of central and northern Italy and head instead to the southern. Sailing holidays in the Aeolian Islands in Sicily or lovely Sardinia are easily accessible destinations that blend an exotic, remote feel with all facilities a traveller would demand within easy reach. Moreover, maybe it is your last chance to explore the uncrowded hilltop beauty of Basilicata, before the crowds of visitors arrive in 2019 when it becomes the European Capital of Culture for the year.

What's trending for sailing holidays in 2018 - Southern Italy - Maratea - Basilicata

Greek Island Sailing Holidays

Greece has always been a favorite and we are sure that it is on the bucket list for a memorable yacht charter holiday! For 2018, it’s the islands of Santorini, Kefalonia and Zakynthos that have got people already planning ahead.
Beautifully scattered along the western coastline of Greece, the Ionian islands offer mild, less windy summers than the Aegean, making an ideal destination for family sailing holidays. With a wealth of natural coves, bays and havens, as well as organized marinas and sailing services, the Ionian islands are a safe playground for bareboat sailing holidays or skippered yachting holidays. On the other hand, Santorini, the charming fairy of the Aegean is one of the most romantic destinations worldwide offering a wealth of otherworldly experiences on a  boat holiday in Cyclades.

What's trending for sailing holidays in 2018 - Greek Islands - Fiscardo - Kefalonia island

Sailing holidays in Menorca

Wild and wonderful Menorca, may not have the glitz and reputation of Mallorca, and this is what matters. There is still time and space for visitors to explore a more relaxed lifestyle and relish secluded places, ideal to discover your private beach or secluded cove while on yacht charter holidays in the Balearic Islands.
Cala en Porter - Menorca

Sailing holidays in Croatia

Croatia is always a popular sailing destination and is the talk of 2018, according to the Sovereign travel blog. For the history buffs, cities such as Dubrovnik and Split offer plenty of things to do, blending with some of the Adriatic's finest pebble beaches, karst mountains and fascinating landscapes. Why not charter a yacht in Dubrovnik and let yourself sail along the blue coastline as the stark wall of the mountains sweeps down towards a lush picture of palm trees and oil plantations.
What's trending for sailing holidays in 2018 - Sailing Holidays in Croatia - Dubrovnik - Croatia

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