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Sail to Trip Advisor's Travellers' Choice Awards Best Greek Islands 2016

Dominated by spectacular sailing destinations, Trip Advisor's Travellers' Choice Awards Top 10 Greek Islands 2016 is an inspiring call for relentless island hopping all around Greece!  Standing out for their unique ambience, quintessential feel and spectacular beaches, every single island is in the Travelers choice list for a reason, making the idea of sailing holidays to the best Greek islands 2016, a really intriguing option!

  1. Santorini, Cyclades islands
    Candy-colored houses, soaring red volcanic beaches, breathtaking sunsets embraced by velvet blue infinity. The charming fairy of the Aegean, not only tops the list of the best Greeks islands 2016, but also ranks in the second place among TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice World’s Top 10 Islands 2016.

  2. Crete
    A Mediterranean jewel! Boasting rich historical and unique cultural heritage, blessed with natural wealth, exotic beaches, gorgeous mountains, quintessential villages and scenic towns, Crete has something for everyone and possibly more than one could ever imagine.


  1. Rhodes, Dodecanese
    Where the essence of the Knights’ Era amazingly blends with natural beauty and great beaches! The largest among the 12 Aegean islands, perfect for time travelling!


  1. Mykonos, Cyclades islands
    The most popular Greek island, world renowned for its stylishly party ambience! With golden sandy beaches, sugar cube architecture sprinkled atop the hills and with a short sail away from Delos, the legendary birthplace of Apollo-the ancient Greek God of Light and Music- and Artemis -the Goddess of wilderness and fertility- Mykonos is always in the bucket list.

  2. Zante, Ionian islands
    Mountains dropping off to shimmering turquoise waters, lush vegetation, amazing beaches and sparkling lifestyle create a unique ambience making it a favourite destination for sailors and hedonists alike. Sail to the renowned Shipwreck Cove with your own, chartered boat and indulge in this breathtaking scenery without the vast crowds arriving by boat cruises.


  1. Corfu, Ionian islands
    Cosmopolitan and quintessential, amazingly blending culture and tradition on a most inspiring natural backdrop, the island is an inviting call to charm pleasure seekers of all kinds. Sailing along Corfu’s long, golden coastline, are scattered countless bays and havens accessible only by boat. Pick your haven!


  1. Kefalonia, Ionian islands
    Known as the spectacular backdrop in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and for the multi-awarded Myrtos beach, Kefalonia is a picture postcard destination! With dramatic natural diversities ranking from majestic mountainous landscapes to sweeping beaches scattered along the rich coastline, Kefalonia inspires amazing sailing experiences.


  1. Naxos, Cyclades islands
    An amazing blend of ancient ruins and beach culture, dominates Naxos, the largest among the Cyclades islands cluster. The wow factor here lies underwater, with a spectacular seabed featuring shipwrecks, reefs, capes and rich marine life, making snorkelling in Naxos island an outstanding experience.


  1. Skiathos, Sporades islands
    The “Mamma Mia” island! With picture-perfect beaches, some of them accessible only by boat, Skiathos is a bustling, yet unspoilt island, within a short sail from the Greek mainland.\

  2. Milos, Cyclades island
    Sailing around the striking coastline of Milos, with its pristine beaches and colourful volcanic formations is a captivating experience to remember for a lifetime. Crossing those sparkling turquoise waters, is a siren’s call to mythical sea dips.

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