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Top sailing destinations for beginners

With seemingly endless choices along the diverse Mediterranean coasts, selecting your sailing holiday destination for the first time might be mind-tangling and confusing. When it comes to choosing the perfect spot for your sailing holidays, there are no bad options but we can give you a hand to pick the perfect destination according to your special interests and needs!
Browse through our slideshow and get a taste of where you can find yourself in unforgettable yacht charter holidays in the Mediterranean, brimming with fascination and possibilities.

Best Romantic Sailing Destinations

Santorini, Italian Riviera, Corsica, Zadar

Top Family Sailing Destinations

Ionian Islands, Fethiye, Sardinia

Best sailing destinations for Nature Lovers

Lampedusa, Paxos, La Gomera, Lipari

Best sailing holidays for Party

Mykonos, Ibiza and its sister soul Mallorca

Best sailing destinations for History Buffs

Delos, Normandy, Rome, Andalusia

Aspiring seafarers, now that you've got an idea of the most suitable sailing destinations for you, feel confident to send us your inquiry or book a yacht online! And because the right planning before embarking, saves time for more enjoyment later, be prepared for your most memorable experience with our Top sailing holidays tips for beginners and The best free apps for sailing! 

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