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Top places to visit in Fethiye while sailing in Turkey

While on sailing holidays in Turkey, the first desire is to sip the sun and the sea to the fullest, while exploring idyllic coastal towns and remote islands. Yet, one of our favorite parts of sailing holidays is getting off the boat and making the most out of our destinations. Fethiye offers a wealth of amazing places to visit! Let's explore the top things to do in Fethiye while on Turkish sailing holidays:

Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz Beach)

An unspoilt paradise, spectacularly embraced by mountains brimming with pine trees, plunging right into the azure blue sea. Enjoy swimming in the dazzling waters of the lagoon, sail your boat to the pretty beach of Butterfly Valley, boost your adrenaline with extreme sports such as Paragliding, Parasailing and many more or less extreme activities.

Butterfly Bay

Enveloped by mountains forming a breathtaking canyon and accessible only by boat, the butterfly bay is a spot of striking beauty in the Turkish Riviera. A wide line of golden sandy beach stretching before the Butterfly Valley, a sanctuary for numerous butterfly species, create a unique paradise for nature lovers and paradise seekers. Approaching by foot you’ll get spectacular views of the sands, which lie between two towering cliffs like the body of a butterfly.

Gemiler island

The real hometown of Santa Claus! A scenic, unspoilt location packed with c.1,500 year old Byzantine remains, to wander along and time travel. Also known as “St Nicolas island”, it is named after the saint that lived here and originated the stories of Santa Claus. At sunset, the views from the top of the hill of the bay of Karacorean are spectacular, not to be missed.

Lycian Rock Tombs

Impressively carved into the cliff face above Fethiye town, the Lycian Rock Tombs is a spectacular landmark, especially when approaching by boat. Get off the boat and climb the stone stairs to reach the highest tomb, the tomb of Amyntas.  The walk may be challenging, but the panoramic view of Fethiye town from uphill couldn’t be more rewarding!