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Top fun things to do on catamaran sailing holidays

Savvy sailors and leisure travelers know: While on sailing holidays, the typical daily routine and everyday activities are nothing like the real world. Whatever your comfort level is with getting wet, from surface sports to underwater adventures, these top fun things to do on catamaran sailing holidays can add spice to your vacation. Ask us what extras are available in your yacht charter and what kinds of water sports are available on your specific itineraries, book those amazing activities upon chartering and organize your most exciting sailing holidays ever!

  •  Paddleboards (SUPs)

    Standup paddleboards (SUPs) are the latest and hottest water toy. Unlike the 'normal' surfboards, SUPs are much longer, wider and more buoyant, enabling you to comfortably balance on them and propel yourself with the paddle. SUPs are not only fun, they give your core muscles a great workout—and kids love them.

  • Kayak

Ideal for exploring shallow shorelines or tangling with recreational activities such as fishing, photography or just a relaxing, peaceful paddling on the sea, a Kayak will offer delightful moments during your catamaran sailing holidays.

  • Water Tubes

What is your mood of the day? Wild or Mild? Floating loungers, watersports towables, speedy banana rides. A little less edgy but no less fun, tubing is a tamer activity that still ensures plenty of &splashing water and shrieks of delight.

  • Snorkeling Gear/ Fishing Rod

They usually come together upon request for snorkelling gear, offering you the most relaxing, mind clearing moments on the water!

  • Grill

Organize a grill party on board, or just prepare the fish of the day you just caught with your fishing rod!

  • Hammock

    Sea breeze, a cocktail at hand and glorious sunsets! Ask your booking agent to hang a hammock on your sailboat and enjoy the most relaxing moments of another great day on the water

What are you waiting for, browse through our exclusive offers and book now your most adventurous sailing holidays ever!
It is important to note that equipment and facilities mentioned above are mainly available upon request on catamaran charters and are charged as extras, or can come complimentary in luxury yacht charters.

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