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Top diving spots in Croatia

Crystal clear, transparent waters , rich in fascinating reefs, walls and caves bustling with marine life as well as archaeological sites and impressive sea wrecks, add up to make the Croatian waters a top diving destination. Give in to a fascinating exploration of the top diving spots in Croatia, during  sailing holidays in the Adriatic.

The diving season in Croatia begins in spring and lasts until November, and depending on the depth of the dive, the water temperature is expected to be from 13°C to 18°C. The greatest diving attraction on the Croatian coast is the renown wreck of the Austro-Hungarian passenger liner “Baron Gautsch”, which hit a mine and sank not far from Rovinj in 1914. The 84-meter long ship, lies upright on a sandy bottom at a depth of 40 meters and is now an artificial bank where beautiful plant and rare animal species create an enchanting colourful ecosystem.

On the east coast of Cres, at the islets of Veli and Mali Ćutin, a wall extends more than 50 meters underwater, and slightly further south, along the island of Premuda, lies Katedrala (the Cathedral), a unique system of underwater sea caves, named after their size and beauty. Not far from Hvar, in the archipelago of the Paklinski Islands, an excellent diving location is the underwater world of the little island of Vodnjak, with an obelisk shaped stone, called Kampanel (the Steeple). In the Southern Adriatic, scattered around the islet of Mrkanjac near Cavtat, the cape of Lenga on Mljet, the underwater cliffs of the islet of Bijelac near Lastovo and the underwater world around Vis, lie the wrecks of aircrafts from World War Two.

While on private yacht charter holiday, meet the inspiring underwater cosmos of Adriatic and let it be a delightful addition to your exploration of Dalmatian paradise!

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