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Τop bareboat sailing tips

Putting your Captain’s hat on, you enjoy that feeling of a modern buccaneer, deeply! It’s fine feeling like Jack Sparrow when looking at yourself in the mirror, but it’s a lot better to be a savvy captain in practice, while on bareboat sailing holidays! We collected the top bareboat sailing tips to boost your sailing safety and flexibility, making things easier not only for you and your crew but also for the neighbouring sailing yachts and sailors.

Reaching a marina
Always make a reservation or call the Marina before arriving, to ensure there is space for you to moor and avoid bobbing around and blocking the Marina traffic.

When contacting the marina on arrival, be prepared to receive instructions with a pen and a paper at hand and always repeat instructions back.

Safety on Refuel
When in the Fuel Dock, always turn the engine and electrical system off, crew off, ensure you are filling the correct tank and always have an absorbent pad at the ready beneath the overflow vent!

Float Plan

Before you depart, discuss about your desired route with the crew and plan your itineraries along. Get informed about potential dangers on your route and tell people ashore where you are sailing.

Track the wind

Some experiential ways to track the wind's direction: Short pieces of yarn or cassette tape tied to the shrouds, the wire rigging supporting the mast, can provide crucial information about the wind's direction. Alternatively, look at the ripples on the water and watch the movement of a darker patch of water caused by a puff of wind. Also, seagulls stand facing into the wind, and cows point their behinds into the wind- that's not so useful unless you sail next to a farm.

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