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Top 5 sailing holidays tips for beginners

This is it! You have found what type of boat is the best for you and you are a step away from chartering a yacht to the bluest blue holidays ever. There are a few more things to bear in mind and prepare before you embark on dreamy sailing holidays for the first time. Follow our top 5 sailing holiday tips for first timers, and be prepared for the most memorable holidays of your life.

Select the right people

Space is limited on a sailing boat, so you have to make sure that you get along well with the people you will share the days and the expenses of your sailing holidays.

Get organized

Planning your sailing holidays and sharing roles and responsibilities according to each one’s skills and abilities, is very important for stress-free and relaxing sailing vacations. For example, if one has knowledge of sailing, won’t be asked to cook, unless they want it.

Plan your itinerary

Get informed about the islands/coasts you will be navigating around. Search for what every place has to offer (beaches, sights, restaurants) and the distance between them so you can take the most out of your upcoming sailing vacations.

Learn the basics

Either on skippered sailing vacations or bareboat sailing holidays, sailing is not a matter of one person and help is always welcome. So, make sure you are prepared with the basic knowledge before boarding!

Pack appropriately

When packing for your sailing holiday remember that less is more, as storage places are limited in a vessel and you'll wear your swimsuit most of the time. Swimwear, t-shirts, a casual outfit, windbreaker anorak, boat appropriate shoes and flip flops, are basics for your clothing needs. Consider the essentials and pack wisely!

Now you possibly feel more ready than ever to embark on those amazing sailing vacations you’ve always been dreaming of. So, what are you waiting for? Book now and find out that making a dream come true, is just a click away!

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