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Top 5 reasons to get married on a yacht

Romantic adventurers or luxurious intimacy seekers, this one is for you. Embark on private sailing holidays and set sail to the beginning of a life together within the majestic aura of the sea breeze and breathtaking infinity, coloured in amazing hues of turquoise.

Here are five reasons why you should give in to the temptation of the sea and live the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams on board:

  • Honeymoon follows the blessing

Tie the knot in the most intimate setting of your choice, among a wealth of islands and world class destinations to choose from. Either you wish a lively ceremony with guests that won’t be sailing, you can have the blessing and party onboard while the sailing boat is still docked at its homeport.

Married 1`

  • The sun, the sea and you

Once the anticipated “I Do” sounds, what’s next? A dreamy honeymoon just for the two of you in the luxury of your sailing yacht and the serenity of the sea. Detox and breathe in the salty air, let your eyes plunge into sparkling blue infinity, share the majesty of nature with your other half as if the world were yours.

Couple Love Sail

  • A new experience everyday

You know that a new era in your life has just begun, full of experiences to come. Soak in the opportunity to start now, with island sailing among cosmopolitan destinations and peaceful havens. Experience dining on a different island each day, indulge in fresh sea food, get the local vibe and create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

  • Adventures for two

Explore hidden coves, secluded beaches and unveil the secrets of the sea bottom with a wealth of choice for your daily swim in diverse islands and pristine coastlines. Share a new adventure with your other half, by taking part in the sailing of your boat.

Woman Man Couple Snorkel Dive

  • Luxury or budget wedding

Either you wish an eloping wedding just for the two of you, an extravagant wedding ceremony and honeymoon in a luxurious vessel, or even vows renewal after those memorable years togerther, there is a plenty of choice according to your budget, from safe but smaller sailboats to luxury yachts, catamaran and trimaran sailing boats to charter.

Clear horizon, dramatic coastlines, amazing sunsets await to take part in your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Book your private sailing holidays in Croatia, Greece or Turkey now to live the experience!

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