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This is Travel+Leisure 's Best island in Europe to visit in 2018

Whitewashed and spectacular Paros in the Cyclades proudly tops the list of Europe’s best islands to visit in 2018, as voted by Travel+Leisure magazine readers in the “World Best Awards” survey. Greece dominates the list once again proving the love affair with T+L readers, who have voted six Greek islands in the top 10. Sure, the familiar favourites of Mykonos and Santorini made it on the list, but as it turns out there are still beautiful islands that await to be discovered. And this is what a sailing holiday in the Greek islands can reveal to you: Discover more destinations at a time!

These are Europe’s 10 Best Islands to Visit in 2018, as voted by the T+L readers

#10 Europe’s Best Island 2018 - Corfu, Ionian Islands

Cosmopolitan and quintessential, amazingly blending culture and tradition on a most inspiring natural backdrop, the island is a delightful destination for family sailing holidays or friends alike! Rent a boat in Corfu and make the most out of a fantastic island.

#9 Europe’s Best Island 2018 - Mykonos Cyclades

Consecutively selected among the top summer holiday destination time and again for good reason: exceptional beaches, award-winning restaurants, legendary parties, expensive yachts, beautiful people, 5-star service. Rent a boat in Mykonos, explore its stunning coastline, visit its neighbouring islands Rhenia and Delos on a daily private sailing trip or on a weekly (or more) sailing vacation in the Cyclades.

#8 Europe’s Best Island 2018 - Sicily, Italy

Perfectly spotted in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily, the largest of the Mediterranean islands is the Homeric land of the Cyclops and the land of the “Godfather”, proves itself a timelessly inspiring destination through the centuries. Dominated by breathtaking natural diversities gliding from a dramatic coastline to volcanic islets sprinkled with natural fireworks, Sicily calls for a memorable experience.

#7 Europe's Best Island 2018 - Skye and the Hebrides, Scotland

#6 Europe’s Best island 2018 - Milos, Greece

Milos has definitely the most famous coastline among the Cyclades, with striking pristine beaches and colourful volcanic formations embracing a quintessential inland, whitewashed and glorious with a cosmopolitan essence. Astounding, multi-awarded beaches, breathtaking sunsets and romance blend perfectly in this lovely, sun-drenched Cycladic island, making Milos one of the top choices for couples holidays worldwide.

#5 Europe’s Best Island 2018 - Crete, Greece

The largest island in Greece and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean is a sailor’s paradise, kissed by the sheer Mediterranean waters of the Cretan Sea and the exotic Libyan waters on the south! Embraced by a lacy shoreline that shapes countless bays, lagoons, anchorages and some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, Crete is idyllic, wild and beautiful, offering amazing experiences to all kinds of travellers. Rent a yacht in Crete to escape in memorable sailing holidays of a lifetime!

#4 Europe’s Best Island 2018 Santorini, Greece

Consecutively selected among the top destinations worldwide, Santorini, with its spectacular scarlet sunsets, colourful beaches, sugar cube houses perched above the shimmering waters of the Aegean casts an alluring spell to those who wish to immerse in a unique volcanic aura. Witness Martian landscape at the Red beach, unwind in lunar serenity at the White beach, explore the mysteriously attractive Volcano and the Caldera, enjoy a swim at the natural spa at the hot Springs, discover a colorful new underwater cosmos in Santorini’s volcanic sea bottom, time-travel to the genuine Greek lifestyle of a past era in Thirassia islet and farewell the day in its most majestic moment on a sunset sailing trip in Santorini: a crimson sky, blending with unbelievable hues of pink, purple and turquoise, to explode in gold and disappear smoothly in the Aegean waters.

#3 Europe's Best Island 2018 - Azores, Portugal

#2 Europe's Best Island 2018 - Orkney Islands, Scotland

#1 Europe’s Best island 2018 - Paros, Greece

The hidden gem of Paros has been voted the best island in Europe 2018 by the readers of prestigious Travel and Leisure magazine. Located in the heart of Cyclades, sailing to Paros is a few hours away from Athens (Lavrio, Kythnos, Kea, Paros Paroikia). The turnout describes Paros as the best-kept-secret in Greece and the country’s most up-and-coming destination, epitomizing flawlessly the Greek holiday staples; Stretches of fine sandy beaches blending with ancient monuments, cosmopolitan lifestyle day and a vibrant nightlife. In  addition, the quintessential island has ranked 9th among the 15 best islands in the world, outpointing great destinations like Maui, the Galapagos, Azores and Tasmania, yet following the island paradises of Mauritius, Palawan, Waiheke, Lombok, Bali and Java in Indonesia, which, has made it first to the list, from its first appearance!

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