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The worst advice we’ve ever heard about sailing holidays

When planning a sailing holiday for the first time, a whole new world of natural splendour and experiences is about to open up for you, and it’s natural to look for advice on how to plan and organize them as flawlessly as possible. You will come across a lot of hints and tips but not all of that advice is good – some can be misleading or overly cautious, and can affect your enjoyment or even ruin your maiden voyage.  So, we made a collection of the worst advice we’ve ever heard about sailing holidays, that you should definitely not follow!

The worst advice we’ve ever heard about sailing holidays

"You can organize your supplies list and meals upon boarding"
Couldn’t be more wrong! The key to a flawless sailing holiday is to be prepared for everything before boarding. So, organize, organize, organize. Yes, we said it thrice.  Now, let’s put some order in your thoughts and priorities:
Before you start packing for your holidays, prepare a precise list of all essentials you might need onboard (medicines, a flashlight, your favourite cooking knife).
Upon booking your boat, you will receive a provisions list from our customer support. Fill the list with your shopping needs for the first days of sailing and we will ensure all supplies are loaded on board upon check-in. As the storage space is very limited, prefer canned milk and drinks that can be stored at room temperature, to save space in the fridge. Read also: Top tips for cooking on a sailboat

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"Stick to the planned route"
Sure, you have made your research regarding your possible itineraries and things to see and do along. But during your trip, weather conditions can change and make it hard to reach your next destination according to the initial plan. In this case, planning your trip around the weather is the wisest choice. If you are on skippered sailing holidays, discuss your desired route with your captain considering the weather conditions, especially the winds. If you are on bareboat sailing holidays you may feel more adventurous and want to reach that island, but be sure to remain logic and do not drive your company to an undesired adventure among the waves.

"Look for the cheapest offer"
Affordable is nice. Cheap might be decent. The cheapest is possibly an option to avoid. There are many ways to reduce the cost of your yacht charter but the cheapest is not always the best. When making your research before booking, if a boat price seems unusually cheaper compared to other offers, indicates that the boat is probably older and not-so-well maintained. Such a boat might develop several problems because of its oldness, spoiling some precious time of your sailing holidays. We at vyra.com pride ourselves as a reliable yachting company striving to offer the best to our clients. But, no matter how often we inspect a yacht, it’s not always possible to know everything that "might" go wrong, especially if it’s an old one. Of course, if you have an eye on last minute offers, it is possible to find a good yacht at a very good price due to last-minute cancellations, but this is not the rule.

A really important tip is to act timely and catch early booking offers since prices are much lower and a wide range of yachts is still available for charter at your desired dates.

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"Why go sailing? It’s too expensive/dangerous/not safe for kids"

Most people think that sailing holidays are an advantage for the few, which is wrong. If you plan your sailing holiday at a good time in advance, rates reduce apo to 30%, which makes yacht chartering a more affordable option than renting a hotel room.
Even if you suffer from nausea or have kids, a catamaran charter is the perfect choice for you. Catamaran yachts are sleek and comfortable vessels with vast spaces, ideal for family sailing holidays. Designed for stable and smooth courses, catamaran boats sit low to the sea level and are highly resistant to overturning, while are both, wind and engine powered.

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"Sailing holidays is easy and glamorous"

A sailing holiday is about something different - it's about exploring and discovering new horizons in the sea, yourself and your companions. Unless you are on a spacious catamaran or a superyacht on a crewed yacht charter, where a chef and stewardess cater for all your needs, sailing holidays on a boat is far from luxury. Do not expect anyone to serve you, but be prepared to make your own meals, dealing with confined spaces and limited water consumption-if needed. 
Nevertheless, if you define luxury lounging on the deck sipping cocktails with amazing seaside views, this is definitely realistic and something you can do everyday. Here, we’ve got the best boat cocktails recipes for you.

Sofa With A View Friends Fun Drink

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