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The most beautiful sea caves to sail in the Greek islands

Untouched beauty, breathtaking scenery and mysteriously attractive colours. These amazingly beautiful sea caves in Greece will make you book your sailing holidays in Greece or arrange a private day trip in the Greek islands.

The Blue Caves of Zante

The most beautiful Sea Caves in the Greek Islands - Zante Blue Caves

Multi-photographed and idyllic, the renowned Blue Caves are one of Zante’s most popular landmarks! Deep-blue waters and a vivid sea bottom with rich marine life, orange and purple corals create a fascinating scenery.
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Papanikolis Caves, Lefkas

2 Papanikolis Cave

A short sail away from Lefkas, in Meganissi islet, lies one of the largest and most impressive sea caves in Greece. The large entrance leads to a 120 m. long and 60 m. wide tunnel that narrows gradually to  23m. Due to its size, it’s a great shelter for boats in case it gets too windy and, during WWII it used to serve as the base of “Papanikolis” submarine. The transparent turquoise waters reveal the wonderful sea bottom, while the stalactites and the lovely beach in the interior complete a marvellous scenery.

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Grava, Paxoi

The most beautiful Sea Caves in the Greek Islands - Paxos Sea Cave
To the locals, “Grava” means sea cave. The steep, craggy hills on the west side of the island, form 40  wonderful “Gravas” among impressive rock formations. The largest among them is the “Ipapanti” sea cave, where you can enter with a small boat,  “Tripitos” and the famous Blue Caves, a group of 3 small, adjoining caves.

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The cave of Nafsika, Corfu

The most beautiful Sea Caves in the Greek Islands - 4 Corfu Cave of Nafsika
Palaiokastritsa area in Corfu is surrounded by tall rock formations that form small sea caves, flooded with crystal waters. The most popular among them, the cave of Nafsika, derives its name from Nafsika, the daughter of the mythical King of Corfu, who, according to Homer’s Odyssey, sheltered Oddyseus here. The walls reflect the sun rays to the waters, illuminating the cave uniquely.

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Kleftiko and Sikia Caves, Milos
The most beautiful Sea Caves in the Greek Islands - Milos Island Kleftiko Beach Cyclades Greece

Renowned for its spectacular rock formations, Milos has possibly the most impressive sea caves scattered along its diverse terrain. Kleftiko, definitely the most popular landmark in Milos, is a group of sea caves around a massive arch-shaped rock and is a former pirates’ hideout. A perfect spot to enjoy refreshing sea dips and amazing explorations in the caves! On the coastal route to Kleftiko, your boat will meet the entrance of Sikia, a large sea cave of enchanting beauty with a big crater on top. Swim to the interior of the cave to meet a lovely small beach with shiny, colourful pebbles and formations. 

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Sea Caves, Koufonisia
6 Koufoisi Pisina

In Pano Koufonissi, behind Pori beach and accessible only by the sea, one can find the sea caves. Here, the craggy hills form several caves, small bays and pools, that can literally be your personal, natural pool.

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Melissani Cave, Kefalonia

7 Melissani Lake Kefalonia
A spectacular natural wonder of timeless beauty and the second most popular landmark in Kefalonia, after world-renowned Myrtos. A unique lake cave with beautiful waters, coloured in changing shades of blue as the sunlight reflects on them, honey-like brown walls and countless stalactites. Melissani will leave you in awe and travel you to another, mythical and magical world. Well, this might be not a sea cave, but its beauty will definitely reward you!

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