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Sailing in Italy: the most beautiful coastal towns

Quintessential fishing villages, pastel-colored cosmopolitan towns or remote, sun-bleached islands? Delight your senses with the most beautiful coastal towns in Italy and start adding dreamy destinations to your bucket list. Good news is, you can charter a yacht in Italy and explore them all on memorable sailing vacations

Amalfi Coast

The most beautiful coastal towns in Italy - Faraglioni Rocks Capri

  • Positano
    A former fishing village, now one of the most idyllic settlements of the Amalfi coast. Pastel-colored houses harmoniously descending to meet otherworldly blue waters, create a fairytale scenery that “isn’t quite real when you are there, but becomes beckoningly real after you have gone”, as perfectly described by the words of the famous novelist John Steinbeck.
  • Ravello
    Elegantly sitting on the hills overlooking the bay of Salerno in Amalfi coast, this gem of a village is, -literally- the terrace to infinity. Noble mansions with ethereal gardens framing breathtaking vistas to the sea, create a sophisticated ambience that inspired world-renown artists such as M. C. Escher, Virginia Woolf, Joan Miró, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams and Richard Wagner.
  • Capri
    Does your wanderlust explode only in the sight of the famous Faraglioni rocks or of the thrilling “Blue Grotto” water cave? An island of unparalleled beauty, that tops many people’s bucket lists couldn’t attract less tourist crowds! Skip the crowds and explore it your way, on a sailing holiday! Local tip: During your sailing holidays in Capri, do not miss to sail to the nearby Ischia island, for a revitalizing plunge into the hot springs. Your body and skin will thank you later!

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Liguria - Cinque Terre

The most beautiful coastal towns in Italy - Cinque Terre

  • Manarola
    As if jumped out a fairytale, the most quintessential village of the Cinque Terre welcomes you to the dreamiest escape! A scenic pastel-coloured village built on a dark craggy terrain, amazingly blending with the incredible, infinity blue vistas of the Italian Riviera.
  • Portofino
    Meet la Dolce Vita at its finest! A scenic, colourful coastal village sitting on its own peninsula, on a picture-perfect ambience! Studded with movie stars since 1950’s to today -
  • Porto Ercole
    Also known as “Porto Hercules”, a gorgeous seaside town, sitting on a long, golden stretch of sand between Florence and Rome. Lagoons, fortresses and beautiful sandy shores embraced by pine forests, create a picture perfect Mediterranean vibe, totally diverse from what one expects to meet in Tuscany. 


The most beautiful coastal towns in Italy - Veneto

  • Venice Lido
    First, it was Lord Byron that fell into Lido’s spell, and certainly, he was not the last. Eleven captivating kilometres of sandbar, that soon became the favourite luxury destination for sophisticated figures such as Coco Chanel, Serge Diaghilev and the world known author of “Death in Venice”, Thomas Mann.

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The most beautiful coastal towns in Italy - Lazio

  • Sperlonga
    Ideally set halfway between Rome and Naples, Sperlonga is an enchanting small coastal town with big history. Once home to Emperor Tiberius, now keeps a series of sculptures representing the exploits of Odysseus, discovered in Sperlonga cave. One of the most popular destinations for Romans, boasting amazing beaches and the clearest waters one can find a breath away from the Italian metropolis.
  • Ponza Island
    A mysteriously attractive, under-the-radar destination with a mythical twist! Legend has it that was the home of enchantress Circe, that seduced Odysseus and turned his fellow men into pigs. A promising destination that will enchant you among impossibly turquoise waters, volcanic rock formations, delightful architecture and fragrant wine.

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The most beautiful coastal towns in Italy - Rabbit Beach Labendusa Sicily Yachts

  • Lampedusa
    A glorious, sun-drenched island boasting magnificent sandy beaches and splendid coves, a perfect retreat for sun-worshippers, scuba-divers and nature lovers. Only 70 miles from Tunisia, it the last trace of Italian terrain before the African coast, the island has a rather exotic than Mediterranean terrain, with white powder sandy beaches and incredible waters.
  • Aeolian Islands
    A perfect blend of Sea, Fire and wind elements! Named after the ancient Greek god of wind, Aeolus, those mysteriously attractive volcanic islands are a playground for sailing! Experience the hot, steaming sulphurous gazes, aka fumaroles, bask in the thermal waters, then refresh yourselves in the crystal Tyrrhenian waters. The largest and most popular among the Aeolian islands is Lipari, and it is not rare for the islands cluster to be referred as the Lipari islands. Maybe less famous but not less attractive, the other islands are Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea and Basiluzzo.

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