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The Health Benefits of Sailing

Whether seeking relaxation and doing (almost) nothing on a skippered holiday charter or you are craving for some action on a bareboat sailing holiday, both choices are absolutely good for your mind and boy! Here are the health benefits of sailing:

Vitamin Sea – Your Vitamin D supplement

Did you know that most cases of vitamin D deficiency are due to lack of outdoor sun exposure? With the warm Mediterranean sun above you anytime you wish, you’d rather take some time to sip the sun, get a tan and boost your vitamin D to the fullest!

Muscular Strength and endurance:
Even if you are on a crewed yacht charter holiday,  sailing is not a matter of one person and the skipper will always welcome your help. Rigging the boat, pulling ropes, hoisting sails, all activities that are involved in sailing are a nice exercise for your muscles and back. Even if you are not a beginner in sailing and you are already familiar with those tasks, it’s better to ask the skipper before start pulling ropes and trimming sails!

Cardiovascular health:
Either you are bareboating or practising yoga on board while exercising in the fresh sea breeze your body takes a large amount of oxygen. This improves your cardiovascular condition and reduces the risk of hypertension and other heart disorders.

Lowers stress Levels:
Forget your meditation playlist! Your tracks are alive and breathing. The calming sound of the waters, the smooth movement of the yacht, the whisper of the wind among the sails, have stress-relieving and soul-soothing effects, relaxing a busy and stressed-out mind.

Mental Wellness:
The serenity of the sea and the fresh, salty air put you in good mood and there is a scientific explanation for it. The sea air is composed of charged ions that help the oxygen absorption from your body, which boosts your serotonin balance. And serotonin is the natural substance of happiness!

Now you know, sailing vacations are not only simple a break from your routine! Take some positive action for yourself and your loved ones, embark on yacht charter holidays in the best Mediterranean destinations!

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