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Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit

Beach hopping, family-friendly or adventure, nature or culture-oriented holidays, the Greek islands have something for everyone! View the wanderlust-igniting list of Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit, pick your favourites and book your skippered sailing holidays in Greece, for a memorable island hopping experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

  1. Best Greek island for beaches: Zante

    Mountains dropping off into shimmering turquoise waters, lush vegetation, amazing beaches and sparkling lifestyle create a unique ambience making it a favourite destination for sailors and hedonists alike. Charter a boat in Zante or book a daily trip to the Shipwreck cove and explore the quieter and unspoiled northern coasts at your own pace, enjoying your private beaches and coves beyond the waves of the tourist crowds that arrive daily on scheduled boat trips.

    Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit - Zante
  2. Best Greek island for families: Corfu

    Described as the “shores of glory” by Lord Byron, Corfu island is a blessed destination for beach lovers and adventure explorers. Cosmopolitan and quintessential, amazingly blending culture and tradition on a most inspiring natural backdrop, the island is an inviting call to charm pleasure seekers of all kinds. 
    Hidden beaches: Along Corfu’s long, golden coastline, are scattered countless bays and havens accessible only by boat. All you have to do is pick yours!
    Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit - Corfu
  1. Best Greek island for history and culture: Delos

     Culture explorers, this one if for you! While on sailing holidays in Cyclades, embark on a fascinating journey to Delos island, and enlighten a spiritual path at the mythical womb of light, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. A wind’s blow away from world renowned Mykonos island, lies, out of the spotlight, Delos, a tiny islet yet one of the most important archaeological, mythological and historical and sites in Greece. 
    Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit - Delos
  1. Best Greek island for Wine: Kefalonia

    Remember the drunken Father Arsenios in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin? Of course, you’ve seen many of Kefalonia’s unique beauties in the movie, but tasting Kefalonia’s most distinctive product, the brilliant white “Robola” wine, while watching the sunset atop the natural balcony above Myrtos, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, is not one, but three dreams come true at once!
    Hidden beach to explore by boat: Stretching just below Kipouria Monastery in southwestern Kefalonia, Platia ammos beach (photo below) is a hidden gem accessible only by boat, boasting amazing waters and exceptional sunsets.
    Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit - Kefalonia

  2. Best Greek Island for eco-warriors: Hydra

    Remember Sophia Loren gathering sponges on a Greek island? It was “Boy on a dolphin” movie in Hydra Island. So picturesque, noble and cosmopolitan, this island is a vehicle-free destination that has served not only a cinematic backdrop for many movies but also has inspired great painters such as Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall.Charter a yacht in Saronic islands, and set yourselves on a noble setting with bright-coloured renovated mansions, a rich historical and cultural past reflected in every corner, amazing pebbly beaches and magical sea bottom. Hydra hosts two annual regattas that mark the beginning and end of the racing season, in March and October.
    Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit - Hydra
  1. Best Greek island for hiking: Andros

    Endless golden shores, crystal clear waters, relaxed lifestyle and tradition, backed with amazing trails among olive groves and vineyards and impossible Aegean blue, blend flawlessly in this island of unique beauty.
    Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit - Andros
  2. Best Greek Island for couples: Symi

     With its laid-back glamour and a pretty, fruity pastel-coloured port, Symi island is a charming sailing destination a breath away from Rhodes island in Greece and Datça Peninsula in the Turkish coasts. Alternatively, view our favourite islands for couples in the eastern Mediterranean!
    Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit - Symi Dodecanese 1024
  3. Best Greek island for alternatives: Skyros

    Maybe the most secluded and unspoiled island one can discover on a yacht charter vacation in Sporades islands deserves the sail for alternative holiday activities such as yoga, life-coaching, music, sketching, painting singing, dancing and more. 
    Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit - Skyros
  4. Best Greek Island for traditional island life: Karpathos

    Peace seekers, experience a sailing holiday in Southern Aegean and Karpathos, and let your dream of a world with stopped watches will come true! Quintessential Karpathos is a haven for the peace seekers, with lovely beaches and beautiful coves accessible only by boat. 
    Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit - Karpathos
  5. Best Greek island for Views: Santorini

    Charter a yacht in Santorini and reveal the secrets of the most enchanting greek island from an unobstructed point of view! As one approaches the island by the sea, experiences an out-of-this-world coastal scenery, as Santorini emerges studded with whitewashed houses reflecting the changing hues of the sunset in a magical palette. Reaching the magnificent caldera the astonishment of the dramatic scenery will take your breath away.
    Telegraph's Best Greek islands to visit- Santorini

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