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Surprisingly tropical islands to sail in the Mediterranean

Do you wish for a fantastic blend of tropical landscape and exotic beaches, but keep the blissful Mediterranean weather? Going tropical in Europe is possible! Only the cedar trees and the singing cicadas will remind you that you are still in Europe in these 6 surprisingly tropical islands to sail in the Mediterranean.

Porquerolles, France

Within a short sail from glitzy French Riviera, lies the pretty island of Porquerolles, a literally unspoiled paradise with small turquoise coves, crescent beaches kissed with pearl-white sand, meeting the pleasing shadows of eucalyptus and pine woods that dominate the land. Charter a yacht in Cotes d'Azur and find your refuge from the bustling lifestyle of world-class sailing destinations in the French Riviera. Although it can get really packed from day trippers during July and August, a private yacht charter in Porquerolles is the more convenient way to escape the crowds and unwind on your private beach.
You need to know before you go: Due to high risk of fire in the island, smoking is forbidden everywhere except the village centre. It is a car-free destination, so be prepared for walking or bike riding for your transportation ashore.

Porquerolles Green Bay Boats Cc By Audrey Elvis 1024

Sardinia, Italy

Wonderfully exotic, wonderfully elegant Sardinia
Powder white sand embracing crystal waters, shaping countless dreamy coasts and silky smooth bays, backed by luscious mountains and bizarre wildlife. Sardinia seduces sailing enthusiasts, adventure lovers, beach aficionados on amazing coastal activities blending with history. 
 “Sardinia is like the freedom itself”, wrote H.D Lawrence and we couldn’t agree more! Every time you will return, you will find more to explore.

Useful Tip: The Stagno di San Teodoro lagoon attracts pink flamingos. Forget the inflatables! Go for the real ones!

L Isuledda San Teodoro Sardinia 1024

Lampedusa, Italy

A glorious, sun-drenched island boasting magnificent sandy beaches and splendid coves, a perfect retreat for sun-worshippers, scuba-divers and nature lovers. Only 70 miles from Tunisia, it is the last trace of Italian soil before the African coast, with white powder sandy beaches and incredible waters.

Cala Pulcino Lampendusa

Pantelleria island, Sicily

Let the warm Sirocco wind that blows in the island sweep you away on a sailing holiday in Pantelleria and find yourselves unwinding between Sicily and Tunisia, on a sunburnt destination shaped by the volcanic activity of the past. There are no beaches here, but impressive black rocks to swim off to the warm waters- if not from your private boat.

 Pantelleria 12

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

For a real tropical essence, sail your boat to Lanzarote, the southernmost of the Canary Islands that is so close to Morocco that remains pleasingly warm for a dip even in November! Mysterious volcanic formations ranging from red, orange and ochre to black create an otherworldly scenery blending with vineyards, unique architecture and breathtaking infinity views. With more than 30 ports and marinas to drop anchor, the island is ideal backdrop to relax on sailing holidays in the Canary Islands, wonderfully lost amongst volcanoes, lava tubes and pristine beaches.

 Fantastic Colour Lave Formations Lanzarote Cc By Iñaki Queralt 1024

Crete, Greece

The largest island in Greece and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean is a sailor’s paradise, kissed by the sheer Mediterranean waters of the Cretan Sea and the exotic Libyan waters on the south!  Embraced by a lacy shoreline that shapes countless bays, lagoons, anchorages and some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece (Elafonissi beach tops the list of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Best Beaches in Greece 2018, is 2nd Most Beautiful Beach in Europe and 11th Most Beautiful Beach in the World), Crete is idyllic, wild and beautiful, offering amazing experiences to all kinds of travellers. Charter a yacht in Crete to escape in memorable sailing holidays of a lifetime!

Useful tip: While on sailing holidays in Crete, you have the chance to sail to the southern edge of Europe, exotic Gavdos island, with stretches of golden sand dunes dotted with cedar trees kissing the Libyan waters.

 Balos 1024

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