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Summer 2016 sailing events in the Aegean you can't miss

Fair winds, calm seas and warm sunshine make up the most ideal conditions for every racing sailor. Combine those elements with the quintessential beauty of the Aegean islands and create the most invincible recipe for an unforgettable racing sailing experience!

Follow the Regattas!
This summer, the Aegean Regatta 2016, the 53rd Aegean Sailing Rally and the International Sailing Week “Rodos Cup 2016 call for unforgettable sailing experiences among outstanding watery routes.
The Aegean Regatta 2016 (20-30 July 2016) will guide sailors to an amazing exploration of the North and Southeast Aegean, starting from Halkidiki island and finishing in Lesvos, the 3rd larger among the Dodecanese islands cluster.
The 53rd Aegean Sailing Rally (20-30 July), a regatta organized for 53 consecutive years in the Aegean Sea, this summer will guide sailors from Faliro Marina in Athens, to the islands of endless turquoise infinity Patmosand Milos. Also known as the “Island of the Revelation”, whitewashed and cosmopolitan Patmos is a scenic destination charged with biblical essence. Milos island, featuring the most striking coastline among the Cyclades islands, with its pristine beaches and colourful volcanic formations, is a captivating experience to remember for a lifetime.

Kleftiko Milos

The International Sailing Week “Rodos Cup 2016” (17 - 22 July), completes 20 years of initiating visitors to the spectacular beauty of the Aegean islands. Relish the sun and the sea starting from scenic Kos, sail to volcanic Nisiros, legendary Tilos , colourful Simi islands and reach Rhodes, the renowned “Isle of the Knights”

Nisyros Dodecanese Sailing Greece

Even if you are not into racing sailing, you can book a yacht in the Aegean and follow the regattas in real time, experiencing the vibe and soaking up the energy of a wonderful sea ballet!

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