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Spain and Greece top the list of "Blue Flag" awarded beaches 2018

Spain and Greece have officially the best beaches in the world, for the second year in a row! The sun-kissed beaches in the two countries of the Mediterranean south are multi-awarded for the cleanest waters in the world, topping the list of “Blue Flag” awarded beaches in 2018.

With a total of 590 “Blue Flag” beaches, Spain retains the title as the country with the most blue-flag beaches in the world, a place that holds for three decades consecutively since the awards began in 1987, while Greece ranks second in the list with the cleanest and most quality beaches and marinas in the world and Turkey, FranceItaly and Portugal follow respectively, out of the world total of 4,423 blue flags in 47 countries.

Spain and Greece top the list of "Blue Flag" awarded beaches 2018 - Malvarrosa Beach Valencia

The region of Valencia on the east coast of Spain boasts the most quality beaches with 132 winning the accolade, while Galicia (northwestern Spain) has 109, Catalonia (northeastern Spain) 101 and Andalusia in the south, 97.

Spain and Greece top the list of "Blue Flag" awarded beaches 2018 - Balos Lagoon Crete

With a total of 519 beaches (33 more than 2017) and 15 marinas (3 more than 2017), Greece retains the second place among the countries with the cleanest beaches globally, with Crete winning 113 blue flags, Halkidiki 89, Ionian islands 55 and Cyclades islands 38. 

Azure coloured calm waters, tail winds, safe small harbours and organised marinas add up to form ideal conditions for safe sailing holidays in the Mediterranean, in an amazing exploration of the most beautiful beaches in the world!
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