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Secret Mediterranean Islands to discover before the tourist crowds

A fascinating collection of island gems, for you who plan yacht charter holidays in the Mediterranean, craving for unspoiled, picture-perfect destinations barely known to the mass holidaymakers. To satisfy your cravings, here is a list of secret Mediterranean islands to discover before the tourist crowds:

Hydra, Greece

Remember Sophia Loren gathering sponges on a Greek island? It was “Boy on a dolphin” movie in Hydra Island. So picturesque, noble and cosmopolitan, this island has served not only a cinematic backdrop for many movies but also has inspired great painters such as Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall. Charter a yacht in Saronic islands, and set yourselves on a noble setting with bright-coloured renovated mansions, a rich historical and cultural past reflected in every corner, amazing pebbly beaches and magical sea bottom. Hydra hosts two annual regattas that mark the beginning and end of the racing season, in March and October.


Antipaxos, Greece

A tiny island- the smallest of the Ionian- carries the definition of Ionian islands bliss to the fullest! Spectacular turquoise waters, white sands, green-carpeted clifftops and a laid-back lifestyle. Ideal stop for nature lovers, offering a wealth of coves to enjoy your private pool and a magnificent inland covered with orchards of fruit trees, vineyards and carpets of wildflowers.

Antipaxos 800

Porquerolles, France

Just a few nautical miles from bustling French Riviera, lies the pretty island of Porquerolles, a literally unspoiled paradise with small turquoise coves, crescent beaches kissed with pearl-white sand before meeting the pleasing shadows of eucalyptus and pine trees that dominate the land. Charter a yacht in Cotes d'Azur and find your refuge from the glitzy lifestyle of world-class sailing destinations. Local tip: Do not miss scuba diving in Porquerolles. In its impressively turquoise waters, thrives a rich, colourful marine life.
Porquerolles France 800

Stromboli, Italy

Charter a yacht in the Aeolian islands, and give yourself the chance to witness your childhood idea of an active volcano: A cone-shaped, symmetrical massif, emerging dramatically its smoking silhouette from the deep blue sea. Getting there, swim in the famous black beaches at the northeast and meet the island’s main village sprawling along the slopes of the volcano. Since there is no road network on the mainland, there is no better way than sailing to explore Stromboli’s volcanic majesty!

Stromboli Island

Belle-Île-en-Mer, France

Praised by painters and poets, the “beautiful island in the sea” as described by its name, promises much, and Belle-Île doesn’t fail to fulfill! Charter a yacht in Brittany and let the wind- or your engines- carry you fifteen kilometres off the lovely Gulf of Morbihan. Stretches of glorious, sandy beaches and hidden rocky coves warmed by the gulf stream, create a portal to infinity, calling for amazing explorations.

Belle Ille En Mer

Graciosa, Canary Islands

Seeking for a tranquil, remote paradise away from the crowds while on sailing holidays in the Canary islands? You’ve found it! A short sail away from bustling Lanzarote island, discover Graciosa, a former hideout for pirates, that remains a low-paced oasis for those seeking tranquillity and seclusion. The island has just one fishing village, miles of pristine sandy beaches and a wonderful seabed for amazing scuba diving explorations.

Graciosa Island

Mljet, Croatia

Let your mind do the drawing: Steep rocky coasts, sharply descending to meet crystal waters. An island covered in dense pine woodland, dotted with few small villages, vineyards, and fields. The legendary Ogygia in Homer’s Odyssey is a scenic oasis of tranquillity that will captivate all your senses.

Croatia South Dubrovnik Mljet 10254

Ponza Italy

A mysteriously attractive, under-the-radar destination with a mythical twist! Legend has it that was the home of enchantress Circe, that seduced Odysseus and turned his fellow men into pigs. A promising destination that will enchant you among impossibly turquoise waters, volcanic rock formations, delightful architecture and fragrant wine. Charter a boat in Lazio and sail away to lovely Pontine islands, on an amazing exploration among hidden coves and magnificent sunsets on board!

Cala Dell Acqua Ponza Lazio

Bozcaada, Turkey

An unspoiled, serene spot in Çanakkale, for those who wish to escape the crowds while on yacht charter holidays in Turkey. Pristine beaches, transparent waters, a rich marine life, lovely locals and great services, the perfect combination for utmost relaxation.


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