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Sailing the Ionian Sea: Shore to shore journey among the gulfs

While on sailing holidays, the primal desire is to sip the sun and the sea to the fullest, while exploring idyllic coastal towns and remote islands. Yet, no sailing expedition would be complete without getting off the boat and exploring the inland. Let’s sail to the most spectacular gulfs in the Ionian sea, ideal starts for scenic explorations to the western Greek mainland.

Sailing the Gulf of Corinth 

Loutraki, Nafpaktos, Alepochori
A deep inlet of the Ionian Sea separating the Peloponnese from western Greek mainland, bound in the east with the Corinth Canal. Its deep blue waters are bordered by major towns, idyllic villages and countless sandy or fine pebbly beaches to explore.

Sailing the Gulf of Patras

Patras, Rio
Spectacularly stretching between the Ionian Sea and the west Greek mainland before the city of Patras, the gulf of Patras hosts the second biggest port in Greece and serves international routes to Italy. Sail through its crystal blue waters and discover countless bays and beaches, serene, hidden or organized, beautiful unspoilt villages and quiet towns.

Sailing the Ambracian Gulf

Serene bays, tranquil waters, verdant landscape, scenic fishing villages and a unique ecosystem. An intriguing destination that could make one wonder whether they are sailing on a Sea or a Lake! Ambracian is a rounded gulf, connected to the Ionian Sea through a narrow passage of only 500.m, giving the impression of a lush lakeside. An exquisite destination for those seeking a totally different aspect of the Greek seaside.

Sea nomads, take advantage of our exclusive offers, book your sailing holidays in Greece now and embark on amazing explorations in the motherland of Poseidon, the God of the sea!

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