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Sailing in the Aeolian islands

A perfect blend of Sea, Fire, and wind elements on a thrilling expedition through sailing in the Aeolian islands! Named after the ancient Greek god of wind, Aeolus, those mysteriously attractive volcanic islands are a playground in the Tyrrhenian Sea, ideal to explore while sailing Sicily. Experience the hot, steaming sulfurous gazes, aka fumaroles, bask in the thermal waters, then refresh yourselves in the crystal Tyrrhenian waters against a dramatic backdrop of lush greenery and two active volcanoes. 


Lipari 1024

The largest, busiest and most popular among the Aeolian islands, and it is not rare for the islands cluster to be referred as the Lipari islands. Ideally nestling between two harbors, Lipari offers a striking combination of classic Italian serenity and charm, history and vast Mediterranean scenery, with a wealth of great services to boost your holiday spirit. 3 km west of Lipari town, one can find the Quattrocchi, the most amazing viewpoint in the island, offering spectacular vistas to the neighboring Vulcano island and its active Volcano.


Stromboli Island

While on sailing holidays in the Aeolian islands, do not miss the chance to witness your childhood idea of an active volcano: A cone-shaped, symmetrical massif, emerging dramatically its smoking silhouette from the deep blue sea. Getting there, swim in the famous black beaches at the northeast and meet the island’s main village sprawling along the slopes of the volcano. Since there is no road network on the mainland, there is no better way than sailing to explore Stromboli’s volcanic majesty!



Warm mud baths, an active, slow-burning volcano, and a sulfurous stench. Vulcano worth a day-trip while island hopping the Aeolian islands, to unwind in its warm muddy waters, apply soft clay in your face and body and enjoy an excellent treatment in the hot bubbling springs on an island that offers natural-spa treatment in abundance!


Salina Island Aeolian

A delightful contrast to the volcanic terrain that dominates your sight in the Aeolian islands, Salina reaped the benefits of the volcanic activity combined with the islands’ natural freshwater springs. A dramatic, lush landscape covered with flowers and greenery of all kinds, embracing pretty, quaint villages, create a totally different ambience than the rest of its sister islands, yet remains untouched by tourism, as it retains its own distinctive character.



Just north of Salina, one can find the jet-setters spot in the Aeolian Islands, and it couldn’t be other than ultra-chic Panarea island. Sail away to the island’s uninhabited south and west coasts, and find yourself unwinding in your personal pool among its numerous coves.

Charter a yacht in the Aeolian islands and relish your slice of island paradise in volcanic charm!

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