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Sailing in Mljet: The Homeric island of the Nymphs

Culture explorers, our exciting journey via the mythical path follows Odysseus’ adventure and will guide us to Croatia and Mljet island, the home of the Nymph Calypso.
Calypso, daughter of Atlas the Titan (ancient Greek deity), lived in the island of Ogygia (now Mljet), where she kept Odysseus for seven years, dreaming of making him her immortal husband.
The nymph captivated Odysseus enchanting him with her voice, and detained him on the idyllic cave she lived in, surrounded by sacred forests, wonderful gardens and sparkling fountains. Although Calypso gave him all her love, Odysseus never forgot his wife, Penelope and his destination, Ithaka, so he never responded to her love.
After seven years of captivity, goddess Athena asked Zeus to order Odysseus’ release, as it was not his destiny to live with Calypso forever. And so it was done. Calypso released him, after providing him with “black wine”, bread and materials to make a raft and set sail for Ithaca, his devout and only destination.

Homer’s descriptions of the extraordinary “vaulted cavern” in which Odysseus is forced “to sleep with her, cold lover, ardent lady”, the fragrant landscape of cypress trees, cedar, alder, juniper and vines, not to mention the abundant red wine produced from them, chime with the reality of modern Mljet.
It may didn’t manage to captivate the mythical Greek hero, but one thing is for sure! With serene, secluded waters and amazing landscapes, Mljet island will captivate you! Check out our last minute offers and plan your dreamy sailing holidays in Croatia, now.

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