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Sailing in Lichadonisia: The exotic islands born from the vowels of the Earth

Legend has it that, Hercule’s wife, Diianeira, believing he had cheated on her, sent him a garment soaked in poison. The moment that the hero wore the cloth, suffering from unbearable pain, he grabbed his servant Leha and threw him into the sea. The servant’s limbs, dismembered, were scattered then around Kineo cape, and Poseidon, the God of the sea, transformed them into small islands, known as Lichadonissia.

In reality, those little island gems were born from volcanic eruptions and earthquake activity that happened in the Gulf of Euboea, in central Greece, circa 426 B.C.


Lichadonisia is a cluster of 7 uninhabited, unspoiled islets of unique beauty, blanketed by rich flora and surrounded by the pristine waters of the north Euboic Sea.
Ideally set a short sail away from Athens, yet now widely known, Lichadonisia is a heavenly call to idyllic explorations while on sailing holidays in Greece. Escape the crowds and get amazingly lost among serene bays with fine golden sand, crystal clear waters and breathtaking scenery, island hopping from the one islet to the other. Some spots with black, large stones scattered along, fire up the mystery. 

For those who are into snorkeling or diving, do not miss the chance to explore an amazingly rich in life sea bottom and an impressive shipwreck, 3 nautical miles from Agios Georgios islet.

Adventure explorers and dreamy seclusion seekers, book a yacht in Greece and embark on an out-of-this-world journey, on idyllic secluded landscapes a breath way from Athens.

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