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Sailing in Central Dalmatia Islands

Perfectly located between the famous cities of Split and Dubrovnik, central Dalmatia calls leisure sailors to explore scenic islands, serene bays, cosmopolitan towns and sleepy villages, while enjoying unspoilt beaches, culture escapes and luscious gastronomy.

Pretty islands, scenic ports, craggy mountains, long sandy beaches and a medieval scenery with mysterious castles, grandiose palaces and glorious churches, set up the cinematic scenery in the heart of Adriatic Sea, fascinating Central Dalmatia. Escape to an amazing Croatian island hopping tour in central Dalmatia and create memories to remember for a lifetime! 

Croatian island Hopping - Central Dalmatia

Split City

Spit is the second largest city in Croatia and couldn’t be a more inspiring start to your Central Dalmatia island hopping tour! Split city serves mainly as a transport hub to the nearby islands and coastal towns, but it is a lot more than this: Vibrant and bustling, Split blends modern and traditional elements, as contemporary leisure facilities mix harmoniously behind medieval castle walls, offering travellers a time-hopping experience in a unique ambience.

Hvar Island

Maybe the most popular island destination in Croatia,  Hvar Island deserves all the superlatives! Unwind in white powder sandy beaches and secluded coves hidden behind lush greenery, get amazingly lost in winding stone streets and feast in delicious cuisine, luxury lifestyle and gothic romance before you pop off to nearby Pakleni islands.

Pakleni Islands

Although their name is translated as the “Hell islands” in Croatian, the Pakleni islands are a heavenly destination! A cluster of 21 islands covered in dense woods, with brilliant waters and iconic lagoons. A very popular destination for naturists, especially the islands of Jerolim and Stipanska.

Brac Island

The largest island in Central Dalmatia, a pure Mediterranean beauty in the heart of central Dalmatia. A dreamy fertile interior with vineyards, almond, cherry and olive trees, embraced by steep cliffs, pine woodlands and dark blue waters. Wandering along the sleepy, rocky villages of Brac island, is a true time travelling experience.