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Top reasons why sailing holidays are better than staying in a hotel

You are natural born explorers and you know it. Nothing can keep you on the beaten path when the world is a place full of destinations to explore and the sea is an open path to all of them. Why stay in one place when you can experience more while reloading your batteries? Aspiring seafarers, charter a yacht in the Mediterranean and make your travel dreams come true! Soon, you will find out that exploration, convenience and comfort during holidays can blend successfully even for families with young children. Here are the top reasons why sailing holidays are better than staying in a hotel:

1. Your transport is your accommodation.

Every destination is a home away from home. No additional transportation is needed from/to your private retreat with the most inspiring backdrop, one could possibly imagine.

2. Why swim every day on the same beach when there are countless choices for your daily dip?

Amazing islands, dazzling shores, uncharted coves, pristine beaches… So many destinations to explore, so little time to do it. Sail away to a different destination every day, with an impressive 360° view to inspire your next anchor point. Discover a wealth of turquoise blue gems, hidden below steep heels or vivid green slopes in your desired location.

3. Every day is a new experience.

Suppose you are on sailing the Ionian islands in Greece. What do you feel like doing today? Sail to Kefalonia, for hiking gorgeous Mount Ainos, go for B.A.S.E Jumping and swimming at the Shipwreck Beach in Zante, or savour “Pastitsada” local delight in Corfu? You are just a sail away from your plans of the day!

4. Privacy is Gold. Tranquility comes in Blue.

Imagine: All paths leading to clear blue infinity flooded with light, on your private sanctuary. Could you think of a more defining example for Freedom?

5. Your budget: Your choice.

Thought that sailing holidays are an advantage for the few? Wrong! Everyone can enjoy budget sailing holidays, considering that transportation and sleeping are already ensured, while you can prepare your own food and enjoy indigenous wines bought at the local market. Moreover, if one member of your company is a licensed skipper, you can enjoy bareboat sailing holidays without a hired crew. All you have to do is calculate the expenses of the day for each person and find out that your dream of exceptional yacht charter holidays is well within your budget!

6. Your accommodation is, literally, a step away from your daily swim!

No need to say more, one picture is worth a thousand words!

7.Inspiration. Curiosity. Insight.

Real travellers are made of these three characteristics. You have already stepped off the beaten path and are free to get the local vibe as real travellers, far beyond the facile touch of a tourist.

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