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Top reasons why sailing holidays are better than cruise ships holidays

When dreaming of sea vacations, most people have in mind sleek accommodation, luscious cuisine and relaxation combined with multiple destinations and alternative activities. Let’s have a closer look to both sea holiday experiences, to find out the top reasons why sailing holidays are better than cruise ships holidays and worth every cent!

1.Flexibility / Freedom

On a cruise ship holiday, the route is determined from the beginning, so every stop is arranged on certain destinations, time and duration, which creates a tight and inflexible schedule you have to comply with, unless you want to be left ashore. On sailing holidays, boat guests are the decision makers and freedom is the guide to every choice!

 2.Custom destinations

Embarking on sailing holidays, it is suggested to have a plan of your itineraries, according to your personal preferences. However, initial plans can easily change if you encounter a scenic, remote island worth exploring! 

3. Countless new experiences

"What are the plans for today? Hiking, swimming, or soaking up the sun till night comes? - Everything, and we’ll stay for the local festival tonight!”. Many travelers have wished they could say that on a cruise ship, when reaching an amazing destination! On the other hand, while island hopping on sailing holidays, you have the freedom to stay and explore it for as long as your heart wishes, learn the insights of every destination, get the local vibe.

4.Real travelers, not tourists

Tourists take pictures. Real travelers explore. Can you spot the difference?

5. Culinary choices

Either enjoying hand-picked fish of the day at a local restaurant or private alfresco dining under the stars on a remote beach it’s your choice, any time. No restricted hours, no dressing for dinner unless you feel like!

6. Luxury or Budget

Cruise ship holidays are considered luxury holidays, by default.  Sailing holidays are tailored to your needs. Either wishing for luxury yacht chartered holidays or affordable bareboat sailing holidays, you can create your dreamy holidays according to your refined needs, without losing in vessel safety and quality.

7. Privacy is Real
Your deck, your view! No need to upgrade for a private 35- to 1,000-square-foot space for a view to the Big Blue , packed with neighbours on both sides!

If there is still a comparison between sailing vacations or cruise ship holidays our advise is this:
Trade extravagant luxury with total freedom!

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