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Most Romantic Sailing Destinations in the Mediterranean

Chocolate and flowers are optional when celebrating Valentine’s Day in utterly romantic destinations! We picked for you the most romantic sailing destinations in the eastern Mediterranean to add to the travel bucket list just for the two of you! Romantic souls and savvy travellers set sail on private sailing holidays with your significant others, and let those beaming sunsets sprinkle with magic your most intimate moments within the sea aura.

Santorini Sailing – Greece

Consecutively selected among the top romantic destinations worldwide, Santorini, with its spectacular scarlet sunsets, sugar cube houses perched above the shimmering waters of the Aegean in an attractive volcanic aura, is an alluring call to charm you.

Romantic Tip: Skip the crowds that gather in the Castle Walls in Oia for the sunset and sip in breathtaking 360° sunset panorama on a Santorini sunset cruise.

Most Romantic Sailing Destinations in the Mediterranean - Santorini, Greece

Kefalonia Sailing - Greece

Featured in the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler’s list 2014 as one of the most romantic alternatives for Valentine’s Day, Kefalonia is an idyllic island escape in the Ionian Sea. With long stretches of golden sand or blinding white pebbles embracing pristine waters, mythical caves and striking diversities, Kefalonia is picture postcard destination to celebrate your love.

Romantic Tip: The perfect place to steal a kiss and the most spectacular sunset view all over the island, is the natural balcony hanging above world-renowned Myrtos beach.

Most Romantic Sailing Destinations in the Mediterranean - Kefalonia, Greece

Sailing in Cunda island – Turkey

Pine trees-blanketed scenery plunging down to crystal blue waters, golden sandy beaches, rustic Aegean beauty and breathtaking sunsets, set up a spectacular backdrop your most romantic sailing escape in the Aegean Coasts of Turkey. Also known as Alibey island, it is the biggest among the Ayvalik islands and a breath away from the Turkish mainland as well as the Greek Northeastern coasts and Lesvos island. Romantic Tip: For a breathtakingly gorgeous sunset view, head to the Seytan’s Sofrasi Mountain, offering an amazing panorama of the island and deep blue sea.

Most Romantic Sailing Destinations in thwe Mediterranean - Cunda , Turkey

Sailing in Cirali - Turkey

A hidden gem among the Turkish coasts, Cirali, is a long stretch of beach gently kissing the milky-blue ocean, that remains unsung. Set on a rural scenery backed by pine-covered mountains, embraced by citrus groves, offering unequalled tranquillity, Cirali beach is ideal for those seeking a mellow escape on a most dramatic backdrop.