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One-day cruises in Greece with Vyra.com

Countless stunning beaches and bays, picture perfect coastal towns, breathtaking volcanic scenery... So many experiences to dream of your holidays in Greece, so little time to bring them all to life. We've got great news for you! Even if you are not planning sailing holidays in Greece, escape the heat on a daily swim escape from Athens to the Saronic islands or pick among our fantastic private daily cruises in Mykonos, Santorini, Astypalaia, Zante or Lefkas, elevate your Greek islands experience and start ticking  dreamy to-do’s off your bucket list! 

Athens Quick Swim Escape to Idrousa (Katramonisi) Island 

Getting your urgent dose of Vitamin Sea in Athens, starts on board a sleek sailing yacht from Voula Marina and is as quick, safe and affordable as it can get! A private cruise from Athens to Ydrousa Island, dotted with small bays that lead to a large beach offering a wealth of choices for your ideal swim spot. Accessible only by small boats and sailing yachts through a narrow sea passage, the sandy beach in Ydrousa islet is a hidden gem for the modern Robinson Cruises. Book your Private swim escape from Athens now! Price starts from 40eu per person.  

Ydrousa Katramonisi

Santorini Sunset cruise on board a luxury motor yacht

Experience the out-of-this world coastal scenery of Santorini and farewell the day in its most majestic form: the world-renown Santorini sunset, in the exquisite privacy and luxury offered aboard a Riva Rivarama 44 yacht. Book your Private or Semi-Private Santorini daily cruise! 

3 Santorini Sunset Catamaran Escape

Sailing Expeditions in Mykonos on a budget
If you haven't had the chance to sail around Mykonos and visit the stunning nearby islands of Rhenia and Delos without breaking the bank, it's about time! Let us help you experience your ideal day cruise in one of the world's most idyllic islands.

Mykonos Sailing 2

Luxurious cruising in Mykonos
Voted the top summer holiday destination again and again not for one, but for many reasons: Time to explore them all with your family or friends, on semi-private, or private cruises on board a sleek sailing yacht or a luxury motoryacht! Awash in the iridescent Aegean light and the divine waters of sacred Delos, head to Mykonos' northern beaches for  non-stop party, or give in to a full day cruise, choice is yours! 

Azimut 55 Mykonos

Athens city break and Saronic island hopping

Escaping the city doesn’t have to be a long and expensive journey. Embark on a fantastic day trip to Aigina, Spetses and Agistri islands, bask in the sun of the Athenian Riviera and its cosmopolitan nearby coasts in cape Sounion, PortoCheli  and discover a totally different scenery, only a breath way from the city!

Saronic Island Hopping

Fast and Luxurious Athens escape
 Dreaming of a soul-soothing island escape a breath away from Athens? Relish your slice of island paradise visiting two gorgeous Greek Islands in one day on a private island-hopping cruise from Athens. Learn more: http://bit.ly/LuxuriousCityEscape

Moni Island Saronic Islands

Astypalaia daily escape!

Those who plan to enjoy their holidays in Astypalaia, one of the most sought after island destinations in Greece for 2017, have the chance to give to amazing explorations to the nearby Santorini and Anafi islands, or the quintessential, barely known gems of Iraklia, Schoinoussa and Donousa islands, among a wealth of semi-private and private cruises. 

Astypalaia Port 1024

Zante Big Blue experiences
Setting off from Zante island, one can experience the big blue of the Ionian on a private cruise around the island, to the renowned Shipwreck and the blue caves, either on a quick escape to Kefalonia or Ithaca.
Navagio Large 1024

Fast and Luxurious in Lefkas
Your chance for a memorable island hopping cruise in the Ionian sea, starts form Lefkas to Kalamos and Kastos, Paxoi or Kefalonia and Ithaka, on a daily or two-days private motor yacht cruises. 
Lefkasa 1024

How many of these great sailing experiences in Greece are still waiting on your bucket list? View our fantastic daily sailing packages here  https://vyra.com/dailycruises  or email us your enquiry at info@vyra.com

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