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New year’s resolutions: Why yacht charter holidays can help you fulfill 4 dreamy to do's, at once

In the beginning of a new year, we all make promises and resolutions to smooth some rough edges off. Maybe you had never thought of this, but some resolutions can be accomplished during your holidays. Forget about the repeated disillusionment of "going to the gym daily" and let's see how yacht charter holidays can help you fulfill 4 dreamy to do's or more at once! Workout not included, but you can seize your chance to swim anytime, anywhere!

Start ticking off places from your bucket list

Surfing in Paros? Check. Bar hopping in Mykonos? Check. Experience a sunset cruise in Santorini? Getting there tomorrow!” Why stay in one place when you can explore a different island every day? Give into relentless island hopping on yacht charter holidays in Cyclades, the Ionian Sea, the Canary or the Balearic islands, and start ticking those dreamy to do’s off your list, within a week (or two!).

Countless new experiences

"What are the plans for today? Hiking, swimming, trying local delicacies or soaking up the sun till night comes? - Everything, and we’ll stay for the local festival tonight!” You have the freedom to stay and explore any destination for as long as your heart wishes, learn the insights, make your cravings that brought you in that place come true (and more that you don’t know until you go).

Travel more

Be a real traveller, not a tourist: Inspiration. Curiosity. Insight. Real travellers are made of these three characteristics. Yacht charter holidays is your chance to step off the beaten path and feel free to get the local vibe, delve deeply into places far beyond the shallow touch of a tourist. Now you know, start collecting experiences, not pictures.

Spend quality time with your loved ones

There is no better chance to spend so much quality time together in your holidays, not only in your destinations but also onboard your sailing yacht. Take your time to relax, sip the sun, discover infinite ways to have fun while sailing with your favourites on everyday activities far away from your daily routine. Tighten the bonds and create unforgettable lifetime experiences with your loved ones. A sleek Catamaran Lagoon for 10 guests or a discounted Bavaria sailing yacht would be an excellent choice for you and your partners.

Not sure how to start planning memorable sailing holidays? Take 5 minutes to complete the short form with your sailing holiday cravings and let us organize the best yacht charter holidays for you!

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