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Make your sailing trip packing list!

When packing for sailing holidays for the first time, you might feel a little confused about what to pack for sailing vacation. The first thing you have to bear in mind is  that storage places are limited in a vessel and you'll wear your swimsuit most of the time. Here's a checklist with the absolutely necessary things you should pack for your comfortable sailing holidays, ensuring that you are prepared for any eventuality!

Sailing Holiday Packing List Essentials

  • A couple of swimsuits.
    Light and airy, swimsuits are the most comfortable clothing for your sailing holidays. We would advise to carry at least two pairs of swimsuits, so you can always have a dry one when the other is wet.

  • Anorak or waterproof and windproof jacket.
    Full weather protection! Neither winds nor waves will affect you!

  • Appropriate shoes 
    Non-slip, rubber soled closed shoes and flip flops.

  • Sun protection essentials 
    Sun glasses, hat and sunscreen are absolutely essential.

  • Hair band for long hair

  • Personal medicines
    If you are on prescribed medicine, we would advise to bring enough for the duration of your holidays.

  • Small duffel bag or backpack that can close securely.
    Ideally, this bag is waterproof or at least, water resistant.

  • Beach Towels.
    Bed linen, face and shower towels are included in the boat facilities without extra charge. Beach towels for your daily sunbathing is considered as a billable extra, and are not included in the initial booking price so you should pack a couple of them, to avoid extra charges.


The wonderful Mediterranean weather, with warm, lovely days from Spring to late October, doesn’t require much and heavy clothes for your sailing holidays. Casual clothing, some t-shirts, shorts and light dresses are suitable for any occasion. In case of a more brisky night, a pair of warm trousers and a sweater are enough. Of course, do not forget the anoraks mentioned in the list of essentials, above.

Useful Details

We would suggest to prefer packing in soft bags rather than hard suitcases as hard cases are more difficult to stow away in lockers onboard. It’s a good idea to choose soft bags with wheels or have a collapsible trolley for ease of transport. Leave jewelry, especially rings, at home. Any clothing or equipment that could be ruined by water should be carried in a zip-top baggie.

Sailing holidays checklist complete! You are a breath away from those amazing sailing vacations you’ve always been dreaming of. So, what are you waiting for? Book now and find out that making a dream come true, is just a click away!

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