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How to save money for your sailing holidays

Spending money on travel experiences and creating memories to cherish for a lifetime, is a more reliable route to long-term happiness. We gathered for you 8 money saving tips for your sailing holidays, lowering the cost of your holidays while investing in memorable experiences on your travels.  

Plan Smart

1) The sooner, the better

The best way to save big amount of money on sailing holidays is early booking. Try to stay informed all year round and take advantage of early booking offers, while obtaining cheap airline tickets. When booking online, keep up-to-date on exclusive offers by signing up to newsletters and following social media, to catch the offers on time.

2)Consider shoulder seasons

Fewer crowds, near-perfect weather and dramatically lower booking rates. Why not thinking about sailing vacations during April, May or September, October? The wonderful Mediterranean weather offers excellent sailing conditions from April to late October. During this period, all services and amenities (taverns, tourist shops, museums) are open for the holiday season, which reaches its peak from July to late August. If you wish to skip the vast crowds of summer, Spring or early Autumn is still excellent timing to visit Greece, Croatia, or the Turkish coasts.

3) Go Bareboat

Bareboat sailing holidays means to charter a boat without a captain, saving an additional daily fee for a hired captain. To go bareboat, there must be at least one certified skipper on the yacht.

Saving on food

4) Cook on the boat

All boats come with fully equipped kitchens and thus are ideal for self-catering holidays. Before starting your trip, buy supplies from the supermarket. You can re-fill your supplies when needed at the local marina. And why not try your fishing skills on board, and enjoy the freshest fish of the day while having fun? Of course, this doesn’t’ mean you won’t try the local cuisine at a lovely tavern, but you can reduce your daily expenses dramatically.

5) Enjoy booze on board

Start your night out on board. Buy liquors from the local store and soak up the lifestyle with a relaxing drink at sunset in the cockpit.

Get the most out of your itineraries

6) Get the local vibe

Ask the locals for upcoming festivals and events and find free or low-cost entertainment. So, you’ll spend some interesting time getting the local vibe, trying local food and drinks, learning how to make the most out of your destination according to local tips and (why not?) making new friends.

7) Target cheaper itineraries

While on sailing holidays, island hopping is one of our favourites. Explore less travelled, unspoiled islands, quaint coastal towns or fishing villages, instead of crowded, cosmopolitan destinations.

8)Prefer authentic souvenirs and collectibles

When it comes to souvenirs, prefer to buy memorable pieces that emit the local vibe. So give in to relentless shopping while searching the outdoor markets and sidewalk fairs, with handmade local items and crafts. Also keep in mind that in Turkish traditional markets and Greek festival markets as well, bargaining is a part of the shopping experience.

Some of these tips let you get more experience; others give you better experiences. But all add up to money well spent! Take advantage of the exclusive offers by Vyra.com, book now and sail away to the most affordable sailing vacations you’ve ever had.

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