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How to Reduce Plastic Use on Sailing Holidays

The more one is in the sea, the more they witness the heavily discouraging reality of plastic pollution. Like you, we are dreaming of an ocean free of plastic. Here are some tips to reduce plastic use on sailing holidays, aiding in a wave of change. Even if you can’t avoid plastic entirely, you can dramatically reduce it by adopting them in your lifestyle:

Be Prepared

  • Reduce the use of plastic bags
    When packing for your sailing holidays, keep in mind to pack some reusable shopping bags so, you can bring your own cloth bags to the grocery store when provisioning. The EU has adopted laws to reduce single-use plastic bags and they are charged a small fee in stores in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia and Turkey (starting from March 2018)
  • Pack Reusable Straws
    To avoid using a ton of the plastic single-use straws, pack from home a set of reusable straws. Ranging from stainless steel straws or, even better, bamboo-straws, you can have one for each crew member. Bamboo straws are funny and have an exotic essence, perfect to enjoy your fresh-squeezed juice or a refreshing boat cocktail on board!
  • Look into plastic-free sunscreen option

Upon Provisioning

  • Avoid buying beverages in plastic bottles
     Glass might not be that handy, but you can find all sorts of drinks (from water to smoothies and soft drinks) in glass bottles. We know they may be a little heavier to carry from the grocery store to your boat but rethink. You are on yacht charter holidays because you need the sea. The Sea needs your action, too!
  • Purchase fresh fruits and veggies that are not covered in plastic
    Farmers markets are a great way to buy fresh, local products without plastic, as long as you remember to bring your own bags. Normally, the fruits and vegetables at farmers markets don’t even have those little plastic stickers on them.
  • Skip the frozen foods section
    Frozen foods offer convenience on yacht charter holidays, but also plenty of plastic packaging. Try to avoid them, and why not replace the boring frozen food preparation, throwing a BBQ party on board!

At the Beach

  • Carry a reusable water bottle to the beach
  • Prepare your own snacks
    Avoid plastic-packaged food. Before heading to the beach, prepare your own boating snacks or containers of fruit, cut veggies, trail mix.

While On Board

  • Use the kitchen cutlery and crockery
    All yachts come with fully equipped kitchens, so you will find metal cutlery and crockery for your meals, wash them and reuse as if you were at home
  • Batteries
    Use rechargeable batteries to reduce buying batteries packaged in plastic.

Reward yourself with an ice cream cone!

  • Delicious and refreshing, the perfect treat while strolling along the island’s alleys, is served on a plastic cup or a zero-waste, crunchy cone. Did we mention, zero waste?

Even if you are planning sailing holidays for the first time or you just had never thought of it, it is really not hard to try it for a while and you will soon find out that a plastic-free lifestyle is doable and easy to adapt. For you who are sailing with family, it’s another great opportunity to educate children about plastic-free oceans and involve them in action!

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