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How to dock your boat

Congratulations! You didn't miss our exclusive offers and you are about to embark on bareboat sailing holiday in the Mediterranean.  Perfect sailing conditions and dramatically fewer crowds make September a great month for sailing, but, before you start packing, take some time to refresh your sailing knowledge. Starting from the fundamentals, let’s remember how to dock your boat:
For the newer sailors, here are some tips on what to consider when you dock your boat:

When you approach the dock
No matter the size and type of your boat, when you approach the dock you have to use only enough throttle to control the boat and always keep in mind that wind and currents have large impact when you slow down. Approach the dock from downwind or down current, whichever is stronger.

Prepare for Dock Conditions
Do not presume that the dock you are about to moor is in good condition. Nails, bolt heads, or piercing objects may be sticking out beyond the dock and may mar your boat. It’s better to ask your fellow co-travellers to be looking for metal objects sticking out from the dock as you approach.

Use dock lines properly
Dock lines should be secured to the boat cleats before you approach. Before you throw the lifeline to your crew, make sure the coil lead is underneath the lifeline. As you move closer to the dock, slow your boat speed so that no dramatic engine thrust is required to stop the boat. Toss the coiled stern docking line to the dock staff first to stop the boat, then toss the bow dock line to the dock hand for him to secure. By securing the stern line first, the boat will naturally move towards the dock or warp. As the boat pulls towards the dock, make sure fenders are hand placed between the boat and dock until the boat is secured. Then tie the fenders to the base of a stanchion.

Consider the convenience of your company
Think about the rest of the people on the boat, whether access to the dock is easy and convenient for them. For the general safety of your guests, dock lines should be set so getting on and off your boat is easy for your least agile guest.

Back Home Safe
Most boaters agree that sailing in the open seas is much easier than coming into an unfamiliar harbour or mooring. As with most skills, your comfort level with docking will increase with practice. Hopefully, these basic tips will help get you on your way to a great holiday on the water and complete your trip safely and comfortably.

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