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How to behave on a boat

Boat booked, things packed, you are ready for your ultimate sea and sun worship holidays. If this is your first time on boat holidays, there are a few things you should know, to ensure everyone is happy during your bluest blue adventure! Here is a brief guide on how to behave on a boat, for the first-timers.

Embarking the Boat

Whether you are on bareboat sailing holidays or skippered yachting holidays, tradition has it to request permission before coming on board. It is not compulsory, but, think of it as an unwritten rule of the sailing tradition. Follow it and get in the sailing mood from the very beginning! Before you depart, discuss with the skipper about your desired route and plan your itineraries along.

What to wear

Your clothing depends on the weather conditions, but your attire must be both comfortable and waterproof. Keep in mind that it can get chilly in the evening, so keep your windproof jacket handy in case you need it. Here's a checklist with the absolutely necessary things you should pack for your comfortable sailing holidays, ensuring that you are prepared for any eventuality!


The most appropriate shoes to wear on a boat are non-slippery, soft rubber-soled closed shoes or flip flops. High heels and platforms are not only totally uncomfortable and easy to loose balance, but also they can damage the shiny wooden deck.s

While on board

If you are not familiar with sailing, do not push buttons or pull ropes, unless the skipper asks you to do so. Always keep in mind that sailing is not a matter of one person and help is always welcome. Try not to get totally drunk while on board, a wasted behaviour could not only ruin everyone else’s fun on board but firstly is a matter of self-protection to avoid injuries.


Smokers, take some moments to breathe in the salty breeze! Smoking is not allowed in any indoor area of the boat. Even on the decks, consider asking the skipper before you light up.

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