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How much does it cost to charter a yacht for a week?

When planning a sailing holiday for the first time, the first question that will probably arise is how much does it cost to charter a yacht for a week, before exploring the best sailing holiday destinations for beginners. Most people think that sailing holidays are an advantage for the few, which is wrong.
If you are one of them, take the time to read this article to find out about the real cost of chartering a yacht for a week or more, what is included and every possible extra charge.

Yacht Chartering in High season

The cost of a yacht charter in the Mediterranean depends highly on the season you’d like to travel. From June to August yacht chartering is more expensive, as there is much more demand. The same with hotel rooms, don’t you think?
In yacht chartering, it’s never too early to start planning the next sailing holiday! So, there is always the option to take advantage of the early booking offers and complete your booking from September to January, where, we promise, rates reduce dramatically, up to 30%! Yet, there are way more yacht availabilities, so the possibilities to charter your dream yacht for the high season in the best possible price are highly increased.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht for a week? - High season

Off-season Yacht Chartering 

Fewer crowds, near-perfect weather and dramatically lower booking rates: Sailing vacations during April, May or September, October are still a great choice for the Mediterranean. The wonderful weather offers excellent sailing conditions from April to late October. During this period, all services and amenities (taverns, tourist shops, museums) are open for the holiday season, which reaches its peak during the high season we mentioned before so it’s still a convenient option. Additionally, If you wish to skip the vast crowds of summer, Spring or early Autumn is still excellent timing to visit Greece, Italy, Spain or the Turkish coasts.

What is Included in the Yacht Price?

In most cases, bed linen, face and shower towels are included in the boat facilities without extra charge. Beach towels for your daily sunbathing is considered as a billable extra, and are not included in the initial booking price so we would advise packing a couple of them, to avoid extra charges. About toiletries, most yacht charter companies provide "starter kits", which are the basic cleaning and toiletries to get you going for a few days, but it is something to take into account when provisioning. All boats come with fully equipped kitchens but do not miss to take a diligent look at the kitchen equipment and the cooking facilities, if you plan cooking on board.
Life jackets are the essential part of your safety equipment, and they are included in the vessel. Before you sail, make sure you know where the life jackets are stored and that every passenger has tried and fitted correctly to their vests. Children passengers must be mentioned on booking, to ensure that the boat is well-equipped with children life jackets accordingly.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht for a week? Cooking On A Sailboat

What is not included in the Charter Price?

Security Deposit - On bareboat and skippered yacht charters we request you to pay a refundable security deposit, (which varies according to the size of the yachts), at the time of departure. This can either be paid by credit card or in cash. This amount is simply “held” from your credit card and is released upon the safe return of the yacht and the inspection by the boat manager.
The security deposit is to ensure the cost of repair in the unforeseen event of any minor damage and on the possibility that this amount exceeds the deductible amount of the insurance of the yacht.
Fuel - The yacht should be delivered topped up with fuel as received. The fuel cost for sailing as well as the use of engine generator is paid at the end of the trip, depending on the consumption.
Port or Marina fees - This is a daily-base fee for docking which varies depending on the area and the season, that can range from €2 - €100.
Provisions - Food, drinks and extra toiletries.
Optionals - Any optional extras that you might have specifically requested such as outboard, windsurf, skipper, skipper’s food, etc.
End cleaning - Depending on the company/yacht policy, end cleaning may be included in the charter price or considered as a 3rd party service and charged as extra.

What is the additional cost for a Skipper?

The skipper fee may vary from 100 EUR to 150 EUR considering the destination or yacht type. He is responsible not only for navigating the yacht but for the crew's safety and well-being. Therefore, it is recommendable for the skipper to have his own cabin and be able to get a proper rest during the night. In addition, renting a yacht with skipper, you should take into account that skipper's meals are not included and is common practice for clients to provide them.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht for a week? What is the additional cost for a Skipper?
What is A.P.A (Advanced Provisioning Allowance)?

Depending on the boat type you will select, especially those with large running expenses such as motor yachts or big sailing yachts, the chartering company may require an Advanced Provisioning Allowance, or "APA". This refers to the advance payment of a 15% - 30% of the charter fee, in order to cover the costs of yacht preparation, fuel, extras and other particular requests for services, itinerary, food, beverages etc. This will be given to the yacht captain before boarding the charter. At the end of the charter, the captain will evaluate all expenditure that may result in a refund of money not spent or a request for payment if the APA was exceeded.

Everyone can enjoy budget sailing holidays, considering that transportation and sleeping are already ensured, while you can prepare your own food and enjoy indigenous wines bought at the local market. Moreover, if one member of your company is a licensed skipper, you can enjoy bareboat sailing without a hired crew.

In the end, add up to money well spent! Take advantage of the exclusive offers by Vyra.com, book now and sail away to the most affordable sailing vacations you’ve ever had.

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