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Greece Ranks 3rd Worldwide in 'Blue Flag' Beaches 2016

With crystal blue waters across lacy shores embracing the country in 13,676 km long coastline, Greece boasts not only a great amount of amazing, sun-kissed beaches but also the 3rd cleanest waters and well managed beaches in the world.  
Counting 430 Greek beaches and 9 marinas awarded with the Blue Flag for 2016, Greece earned  the third place worldwide in Blue Flag Certification 2016.

The Blue Flag is a certification by the FEE that a beach, marina or sustainable boating tourism operator meets its stringent standards. With regard to the quality of its bathing waters, the report noted that 97.2 percent of areas inspected were deemed to be quality spots for swimming.

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Greece came in at third place, the same as last year. Blue Flag certification was given for 430 beaches and 9 marinas recognized for their excellent seawater quality and organization. The Halkidiki peninsula, host of this year’s first international “Blue Flags” event was also the destination with the most awarded beaches, counting 52 Blue Flags.

Azure coloured calm waters, tail winds, safe small harbours and organised marinas add up to form ideal conditions for safe sailing holidays in Greece worth to remember. Book a boat now!
Click here to see a detailed list of all the Blue Flag certified beaches and marinas in Greece.

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