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Full moon sailing

Romantic adventurers, embark on a most intimate journey for the two of you,on a warm summer night enlightened by the moonlight.Far more an antidote to the everyday routine, full moon sailing couldn’t be less than a captivating experience to remember forever.

Sifnos Moon U800

Either honeymooners, sea lovers or adventure seekers, enjoy sailing holidays in Greece, Croatia or Turkey and experience the majesty of a summer full moon in the middle of the sea, aboard your boat. With the most dramatic scenery as a backdrop, live your romance in sweet seclusion. All you have to do is give in to the beauty of the night and enjoy the serenity and the sounds of the sea.

Red Full Mon Over Santoirni

Even if you don’t believe in magic, there is no doubt you will both feel enchanted by the beauty of the scenery, with the huge moon reflected on silent waters, dominating your sight and spirit. Read our feature about the most romantic sailing destinations in the Mediterraneanget the inspiration. Alternatively, you can contact us, enquire for a full moon night cruise in the destination of your choice, and let us make magic happen.

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