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First look at Vis – the scenic Croatian island starring in Mamma Mia! Sequel

Here we go again! Well, almost! A decade after the original film was released, the sequel of legendary Mamma Mia!, the blockbuster musical movie, has arrived!
Even if you have not watched the first film, you probably have admired the beauty of the filming location in posters and you probably know that it’s the lovely Sporades islands of Skiathos and Skopelos that provided the adorable scenery.  The church of Agios Ioannis in Skopelos, where the wedding scene was filmed, has become very popular since the release and many people still travel to the island just to visit this church.
Agios Ioannis Skopelos
This time, instead of Skiathos and Skopelos, Universal Pictures, the production company chose the tiny island of Vis in Croatia to transform into the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi (the Greek word for summer). The company declined to comment on the reasons why they ditched the scenery, but a senior production source revealed that the decision was made on the grounds of cost and bureaucracy. Unlike Greece, Croatia offers subsidies to film-makers and permits are not required before filming.

In the real life, Vis island has its own character, which would fit better as a backdrop to a spy novel than a musical. Let’s find out why!

During the Second World War, Vis island was used by the Yugoslavian revolutionaries, to plot against the Axis invader. The partisans’ headquarters were located in a grotto, today is known as Tito’s cave or “Titova Spilja”, which is a remarkable location to visit while sailing in Vis.

Komiza Vis Island
After the war, Vis became a Yugoslavian naval base and was not accessible to visitors until 1989. With only 3,617 inhabitants in its tiny size of 35 sq.m, much of the island appears in the new movie. Most of the action takes place in the sleepy settlement of Koriza, which is located between the craggy hills of Mount Humm, while the setting is perfectly completed with the white pebbly cove of Stiniva, which has been voted “Best Beach in Europe 2016”. Also renowned for its local wine and delightful cuisine, Vis is an epicurean heaven that will definitely satisfy your palate!

Sea And Boats Island Vis Croatia 1024
So, which do we like most? Croatia or Greece? Sure, the island beauties are not interchangeable, each one of them has their own character and charm! Experiencing both of them in sailing holidays in Greece and yacht charter holidays in Croatia is the most delightful way to make your own judgement!

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