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Easter sailing holidays in Greece 2018

Experience collectors, embark on Spring Sailing holidays during Orthodox Easter in Greece, for amazing island hopping before the crowds of summer arrive, combined with the fascinating folklore of traditional Easter celebrations. Fine weather, calm seas and sparse traffic is the perfect blend for relaxing sailing holidays in the Greek islands while the traditions, the warm spirit and joy of the locals will make up for a truly memorable experience!
Let the fair winds carry you to popular Greek islands, renowned for their spectacular, one of a kind Easter traditions!  

Easter in Mykonos: Enlightened by the candles that glitter against the whitewashed, sugar cube houses, Mykonos literally shines, during Easter. On good Friday in Mykonos,  a funeral procession starts from every church in Chora and soon gather all together to follow a common route along the narrow, mazy alleys. On Holy Saturday,  locals swear devotion to God in the quintessential monastery of Ano Mera.  On Easter Sunday, the Mykonians follow the "burning of Judas" tradition, a cathartic ritual where an effigy representing Judas is burnt. Then people celebrate Easter in large family banquets with roasted lambs, dyed eggs and festive mood.

Easter sailing holidays in Greece - Holy Friday in Mykonos

Good Friday in Santorini: A spectacular experience of thousands of candles enlightening every house, every rooftop, every church, every path in Pyrgos Village, creating a mystical and unique ambience, worth to live! As the village is perched atop a hill,  approaching Pyrgos from below is one of the most incredible sights you will ever see.

Easter sailing holidays in Greece - Good Friday in Santorini

Rocketwar in Chios Island: Experience one of the most known yet strikingly unusual Easter celebrations. In Vrodathos village, congregants of two Orthodox churches, set on different hilltops 400 meters away from each other, fire a countless number of home-made rockets trying to hit the other church’s bell. So begins an astonishing rocket war, creating amazing shapes in the night sky. The locals are so enthusiast with that custom, that begin preparing the rockets months before Easter.

Easter sailing holidays in Greece - Rocketwar in Chios

Morning Resurrection in Corfu: Holy Saturday Morning in Corfu is filled with sounds, melodies and colours! A grand morning procession accompanied by the island’s philharmonic band performing Beethoven’s “Marcia Funebre” and Michelli’s “Calde Lacrime” create moments of deep religious reverence before the bells start to chime joyously, announcing the “Morning Resurrection”. When night comes, people gather in the central squares of the villages and Corfu Town to celebrate the Resurrection of Chris with music, cannon fires and fireworks, flooding the sky with light.

Easter sailing holidays in Greece - Corfu

Leisure sailors, there might be no better way to enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery of the Greek islands during springtime, enriching your dreamy sailing holiday experience with one of a kind festive installations with great food, music and local traditions. 

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